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It is revealed that the national football team always regards the victory over Syria as the established goal and the Maldives rotation is to accumulate strength.

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Original title: It is revealed that the national football team always regards the victory over Syria as the established goal, and the rotation of the Maldives is to accumulate power

The full-back’s serious injury tomorrow did not disrupt the Chinese team’s preparations for the final battle of the top 40. Judging from the situation reflected in the team, the national football team took the full victory of the Syrian team as the final goal of the game. On the one hand, the front work team of the Chinese Football Association cooperated with the national football team to prepare for the game. On the other hand, it is also planning for the next implementation of the national football return schedule and preparations for the top 12 matches. According to the preliminary plan, the Chinese team delegation will leave the UAE on the evening of June 16, local time, then enter Shanghai and return to the resident hotel in Suzhou, where they will undergo medical isolation and observation while preparing for the next game.

In the early morning of the 13th, Beijing time, the Chinese team continued to Sharjah Khalid bin Muhammad Stadium for regular training. Since the whole team had just participated in the match against the Maldives a day ago, the starting players and Ji Xiang and Yin Hongbo, two substitute players who have been on the bench for a long time, stayed in the hotel gym for recovery training.

It is worth noting that Wei Shihao, the attacker who accidentally strained his muscles during training before the China-Philippines competition, is currently recovering well. Accompanied by a rehabilitator, he wore sneakers to the scene for jogging training.

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How does the national football play against the Syrian team? This issue has aroused outside speculation in the context of the complicated competitive situation of the second-placed teams in each group. However, Beijing Toutiao reporter learned that the national football team has always made the victory of Syria as the established goal of the final battle of the top 40. Li Tie’s substantial rotation in the China-Malaysian match is precisely to build up his strength for the final battle. In the match between the Chinese team and the Syrian team, it is possible that the main battle against the Philippine team at this stage will be presented.

While the National Football team is fully preparing for the game, the Chinese Football Association National Football Preparation and Support Team at the front is also making plans for the team’s future preparations. It is understood that the preliminary plan of the National Football Team is to leave Dubai, UAE on the evening of the 16th local time (early morning on the 17th Beijing time), which is the second night after the Sino-Syrian match ends, and fly to Shanghai by chartered flight. It should be noted that the premise for the national football team to depart on time is that all personnel ensure health and safety to board the plane smoothly.

Although whether the Chinese team can advance to the top 12 matches is still to be determined by the team and other teams, the Chinese Football Association and the national football coaching staff are full of confidence in qualifying. According to the plan and relevant anti-epidemic regulations, the Chinese team will enter the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Afterwards, the whole team will be stationed collectively at the hotel in Taimei Xiangguli Hotel, Taihu Lake, Suzhou after being inspected and quarantined. During the next period of closed quarantine, the whole team will conduct regular training in the exclusive training ground of the resident, and will not return to the clubs to prepare for the Super League until the internationals lifted the quarantine in early July.

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