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Italian athletes climb the podium All the positions of the Ivrea players

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On Saturday 10 April, Azzurri on the shields with Giovanni De Gennaro (CS Carabinieri) gold in the men’s K1, silver for the Czech Vit Prindis, bronze for Zeno Ivaldi (GS Marina Militare). In men’s C1 third place for Raffaello Ivaldi (GS Marina Militare) in the race won by Slovakian Alexander Slafkovsky. In the women’s K1 the Italian-Ivorian Stefanie Horn (GS Marina Militare) prevails with authority, place of honor for the Austrian Corinna Kuhnle, third the Czech Veronika Vojtova. In the women’s C1 test Elena Borghi (CS Carabinieri) wins the bronze medal. The Ivrea’s are doing well: Matteo Pistoni in K1 Junior, takes second place for only 40 cents, behind Martin Rudorfer of the Czech Republic, Lucia Pistoni is fourth in K1 Junior women, fourth Simone Marchegiano in C1 Junior guarantees him a place in the national team Junior of C1 who will take part in the world championships in July.

On Sunday still blue in evidence: among the C1 Senior men gold medal for Roberto Colazingari (CS Carabinieri) preceding the Slovak Alexander Slafkovskyed and the French Hector Combes, in the women’s field Marta Bertoncelli (CS Carabinieri) is bronze. Podium that is tinged with blue for the K1 Senior men’s race with the gold medal for Cristian De Dionigi (CS Aeronautica Militare), silver for Giovanni De Gennaro (CS Carabinieri), bronze for Jakob Weger (GS Marina Militare). In the women’s field, K1 Senior, absolute domination for Stefanie Horn (GS Marina Militare) who wins ahead of the Slovak Eliska Mintalova and the Austrian Viktoria Wolffhardt. In the Ivrea home we have to be satisfied with the eighth place of Elio Maiutto, C1M Junior, the 12th of Carolina Massarenti, C1W Senior, the fourth of Michele Pistoni and the fifth of Matteo Ghirardo, K1M Junior, the 21st place of Davide Ghisetti, K1M Senior and the fifth of Lucia Pistoni, K1W Junior. –

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