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Juve, transfers after Pellegrini: from Rugani to Rovella, who can get out

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Juve, transfers after Pellegrini: from Rugani to Rovella, who can get out

Kean is still not convinced to stay but the formula remains difficult, Arthur needs better offers than the one from Valencia

The new central field in terms of sales is all about Rabiot. That he can leave Juventus, if Manchester United manage to find an agreement on the engagement and commissions of the mother-agent Veronique. The bianconeri are proceeding with cynicism, as evidenced by the lightning agreement made with Eintracht for Pellegrini’s dry loan. For the left winger they were looking for the right joint, Atalanta was reported in strong pressure but the bianconeri closed within a few hours in the last phase of the negotiation that brought Kostic to Turin.

Kean waiting

The position of Kean should also be monitored, which could suddenly change in this final market. The striker spoke with Allegri, he had reassurance about the spaces he will have during the season but he is not yet fully convinced of staying. The idea of ​​a return to PSG still teases him, other opportunities could arise in the Premier League or in any case abroad. Before selling him, however, Juve should redeem him for 28 million: this is why the hypothesis of sale is not easily feasible.


On the other hand, the negotiations between Juve and Valencia for Arthur’s loan have been blocked, so much so that the Bianconeri do not now rule out keeping the midfielder in Turin. He would like to go, wanting to play more consistently to aim for the World Cup, but we need a club willing to take on at least 50 percent of the salary of 8 million and 300 thousand euros. Gattuso in the last interviews was quite clear, Valencia is not able to improve the offer made: they would pay about 25 percent, not being able to push beyond 2 million.

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In recent weeks there has also been a big movement around Rugani, in the sights of several clubs that have put forward their candidacy for him on loan. Juve intends to sell him outright or save the entire salary of about 3 million, and this complicates things a bit. The only club willing to pay the full annual cost is Galatasaray, but the player would like to stay in Italy. From Sampdoria to Empoli, to Hellas Verona, however, only hypotheses of participation on the salary not exceeding 50 percent.


After a good pre-season, Rovella is waiting to know its new destination. Juve have frozen all speeches relating to his future after the injuries of McKennie and Pogba, but soon he will be diverted to another Serie A club to continue growing. Monza seems to be the destination by now defined, overcoming the alternatives Salernitana and Cremonese: it can be done already after the first day with Sassuolo. Among the young midfielders he is the most ready, but not being a CPT he would occupy a place on the list and Allegri instead wants a director with more European experience: Paredes.

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