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Juventus’ fake accounts fermented, Ronaldo will return to Italy as a witness to investigate his old club, and ask for wage arrears by the way – yqqlm

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Juventus’ fake accounts fermented, Ronaldo will return to Italy as a witness to investigate his old club, and ask for wage arrears by the way – yqqlm

Original title: Juventus fake account fermentation Ronaldo will return to Italy as a witness to investigate his old club, and ask for wage arrears by the way

Juventus’s accounting fraud has expanded, following the club’s penalty of deducting 15 league points in Serie A this season, and a number of former club executives being banned from participating in football affairs ranging from 8 months to 2 and a half years After the time, players are now also implicated.

23 players who have played for Juventus may be involved in a conspiracy to “fake salary cuts” to help the club falsify accounts, and face a 30-day suspension.

Ronaldo to be investigated as witness

Ronaldo will fly from Saudi Arabia to Turin, Italy, to meet a judge and accept an investigation into his private contract with Juventus. According to Italian media,Ronaldo is not among the players involved in the conspiracy and will be investigated as a witness.

Abandoning wage agreements during a pandemic is a sham

The Italian authorities have interrogated the relevant people and obtained the conversation records between Juventus defender De Sciglio and Bayern Munich central defender De Ligt on the mobile phone communication software. It was found that former Juventus veteran Chiellini explained to his teammates that ” “Fake salary cut” plan, and asked to keep it confidential and not to disclose the incident to the media.

The club and the players reached a secret agreement. The so-called total salary reduction of 90 million euros is only reflected on the balance sheet, and the actual salary is paid as it is, divided into three installments. The scope includes 23 members in the 2019-20 season, including the then coach Sarri, and 17 members in the 2020-21 season. Argentine player Dybala, whose contract with Juventus ends in June 2022, was questioned by prosecutors in March last year, revealing all the details of the deal and admitting: “Many people think we are giving up four. month’s salary, no one knew we would be getting three months’ salary, but it would be paid later.”

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The Argentine explained that the players did not want to “give up so many months’ wages” and that the final agreement was to “give up one month” as a gesture of support for the club and would surely receive another three months’ wages. Dybala consulted his team and they advised him to sign in order to maintain “a good relationship with the club” and to have a better prospect of renewal”. In the end, Juventus let him leave as a free agent.

The crisis may be caused by the introduction of Ronaldo

According to the Spanish “Aspen” report, the circumstances that lead to Juventus’ current financial problems all started with the decision to introduce Ronaldo. Juventus invested 100 million euros for his transfer, and on top of that, his pre-tax annual salary reached 60 million euros, which makes Juventus’ balance sheet very complicated: transfers in the past three years The operation has led to today’s lawsuit, in which Juve are accused of fictitious capital gains and accounting fraud.

The Portuguese left Italy a year and a half ago, but the related case remains in the news and is at the heart of the investigation by Turin prosecutors. Ronaldo did not appear in the list of contracts conspiring with the club. Although the relationship with Mendes has broken down, the caution of the Portuguese brokerage predators helped Ronaldo escape. Ronaldo also has a purpose for this trip. He will go with Georgina and her lawyer, hoping to get back the 19.9 million euros in wages. Ronaldo, who left Juventus in the summer of 2021, should have received the delayed salary of the past few months before the set date, but he only received part of it, excluding the 19.9 million euros that are now in arrears.

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Juventus CEO told investigators,“As far as I know, we don’t have any debts with Ronaldo.”But Ronaldo obviously doesn’t think so, he will make up his mind to get his salary back.

Juventus have been deducted 15 Serie A points

At present, Juventus has been deducted 15 Serie A points due to financial fraud, and many executives including Nedved have been banned from participating in football activities. But once it is confirmed that there are more problems, it may face further penalties and a sky-high fine of 1 to 3 times the amount of its forged salary reduction. Among them, the deferred salary of Ronaldo alone is as high as 19.6 million euros. Further sanctions include automatic relegation and cancellation of the championship (2019-20 Serie A).

Red Star News reporter Hu Minjuan

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