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Juventus Plans to Sell Pogba Amidst Declining Career and Offers from Jeddah National

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Juventus Plans to Sell Pogba Amidst Declining Career and Offers from Jeddah National

Title: Juventus Plans to Sell Pogba to Jeddah National for €10 Million, Offers €100 Million in 3 Years

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In a surprising development, Italian media has reported that Juventus is considering selling Paul Pogba to Jeddah National for a fee of €10 million. The Saudi club has also offered the French midfielder a lucrative three-year contract worth a total of €100 million.

Pogba’s career has taken a downward turn in recent years, losing his market value in the top five European leagues at the age of 30. However, he now has an opportunity to revive his career in Saudi Arabia.

According to the latest report from Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport, Pogba recently returned from a trip to Saudi Arabia, where he was offered the opportunity to join Jeddah National. It is important to clarify that this trip was not related to any potential transfer but rather for religious and personal reasons.

Jeddah National, not to be confused with Jeddah United, has presented Pogba with an attractive offer, including a three-year contract and an annual salary of €100 million. However, Pogba’s physical condition needs to pass a medical examination in order to finalize the deal. The club has already been in contact with Pogba’s agent, Pimenta, to assess the player’s fitness.

Pogba, who returned to Juventus from Manchester United on a free transfer last summer, had high expectations to regain his form at his former club. However, his time has been plagued by injuries, limiting him to just one start and one assist in 10 appearances across various competitions last season.

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To free up valuable salary space, Juventus is reportedly open to selling Pogba for a modest fee of €10 million. This move would enable the club to pursue other transfer targets and strengthen their squad for the upcoming season.

It remains to be seen whether Pogba will accept the offer from Jeddah National and make the move to Saudi Arabia. The French midfielder has yet to comment on the rumors, but the prospect of a significant change in his career path might be tempting.

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