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Klopp: runner-up is my life story Liverpool have done it to the extreme – yqqlm

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Klopp: runner-up is my life story Liverpool have done it to the extreme – yqqlm

Original title: Klopp: runner-up is my life story Liverpool have done it to the extreme

Last night this morning, in the final round of the Premier League this season, although Liverpool defeated Wolves 3-1, they still missed the Premier League championship by one point. After the game, the Reds coach Klopp was interviewed.

“Congratulations to Manchester City and Guardiola, thanks to Villa and Wolves for their contribution to the game. It was not the result we wanted, it was a bit of a roller coaster. I don’t know the exact score, but I know Wolves were 1-0. Leading, have they gone 2-0? Of course, we’re still disappointed.”

“If City were down 5-0 in the opening 10 minutes, it would have been a normal game for us today. We also didn’t play our best game, but that’s okay, 92 points is absolutely unbelievable. We want everything, but that’s okay.”

“Second place, that’s my life story, I still hold the record in Germany for the most points you can’t win. You need more points than every other team, but we didn’t do it. When you You can’t do more when you’ve given it all. We’re catching up with the best team in the world, which is unquestionably special. We’re going to build a team again and go again.”

And then, Liverpool and Real Madrid in the Champions League final. Klopp said: “If we knew where we were before the season, I would have said ‘I accept’, although I’m not too sure about the league. If you want to win something important, you have to be prepared. To lose something important, that’s what we did today.”

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“The next thing is to respond. We can’t respond to the league tomorrow, but next year we can. I’ve said it to the players 500 million times, it’s the best team I’ve ever played, come every morning Going to work makes me happy. We need solid foundations to respond to failures, we know why we didn’t make it, and we need a little more consistency in the first half of the season.”

“We have room to improve and we’ll work on that. It’s really good when you don’t have to make 10 changes. You just do it with what you have and that’s what we do. If people on the outside don’t understand how special this club is, I can’t help them. Hopefully now, we can get our third title of the season.”

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