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Laporta responded to Nashuai’s question: Barcelona’s shares are very valuable and more valuable than other teams – yqqlm

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Original title: Laporta responded to Nashuai’s question: Barcelona’s shares are very valuable than other teams

Laporta responded to Nashuai’s question:Barcelona shares are very valuable than other teams

Beijing time on July 29th news, Barcelona President Laporta was interviewed, responding to previous Bayern coach Nagelsmann’s doubts about Barcelona.

Laporta said: I think the first thing is that I don’t understand the situation. I can’t understand the specific current situation of Barcelona. It is true that Barcelona’s financial situation was in a very difficult situation a year ago. We may be in a state of hanging by a thread.

But now that we’ve come out of the ICU, it’s basically leveled off, and as we’ve activated two fiscal levers, then we’ve not only gotten out of the financial mess, but we’ve also strengthened our lineup.

But it seems that some gentlemen are still stuck on a page that has been turned over, maybe, they don’t understand that Barcelona is a 122-year-old club,Everything in Barcelona is of great value, and the shares of Barcelona are very valuable, more valuable than many other clubs.

We sold 25% of the broadcast rights for 25 years, not 50 like other clubs. We exchanged 667 million euros. I know Barcelona have done a good job this summer, and of course Sixth Street has certainly benefited a lot from it, because the broadcast rights will definitely increase in price in the future.

If given the choice, of course we would not want to sell the broadcast rights. After all, the tradition and history of Barcelona have given us huge value to our shares and assets, but now this is needed for Barcelona, ​​because the fans need the team to cheer up , the fans need anticipation and passion, like my first time as president.

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Barcelona has 400 million fans and followers all over the world, which means that the expectations and pressures of Barcelona are far higher than other clubs. I think everyone knows what they should do. If I don’t comment on what others do, then I hope others don’t arbitrarily comment on Barcelona.

When we meet again on the pitch, everyone will see who is doing better, everyone can comment and even criticize, but in order to create poor information in the transfer market, because they may still think that Barcelona is still in a state of raising money. But I think their comments are completely inaccurate, and Barcelona are more measured on this issue.

I don’t want to quarrel, I don’t want to get involved in disputes, I just respect the other party’s right to speak, but everyone manages their own affairs and does their own work well. I think this is appropriate.Return to Sohu, see more


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