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Lin Gaoyuan lost the men’s singles championship by Zhang Benzhihe for four consecutive games_Lin Gaoyuan lost to Zhang Benzhihe_Final_Game

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Lin Gaoyuan lost the men’s singles championship by Zhang Benzhihe for four consecutive games_Lin Gaoyuan lost to Zhang Benzhihe_Final_Game

Original title: Lin Gaoyuan lost the men’s singles championship by Zhang Benzhi and Lin Gaoyuan in four consecutive games

After losing the game, Lin Gaoyuan’s eyes were a little confused Photo/Visual China

Mentality, mentality, or mentality, countless fans want to ask Lin Gaoyuan: “When will you be able to cross this hurdle? Do you still have a chance in your career?”

It was supposed to be a great victory, but in the end it became the backdrop for a classic reversal?

In the sixth game, he had six championship points and couldn’t win a single one. In the deciding game, he led 9-4 but lost 7 points in a row. How did his hands shake? How bad is this state of mind?

More distressing than losing is the way it is lost. How much hope has people accumulated in the competition ahead? The highlights of the first three rounds of the final have made many people look forward to it – the championship has been won? However, as much as the hope is, the final disappointment is as big, and even the final disappointment is far greater than the hope, because Lin Gaoyuan is too close to the champion and to prove himself.

This game is very likely to be a turning point in Lin Gaoyuan’s career. After falling this time, can he stand up again?

Back to the men’s singles final of the 2022 WTT Championship in Budapest last night. Lin Gaoyuan brought the power to win 13 games in a row, with the morale and determination to prove himself, facing the famous Japanese star Tomokazu Zhang Ben who once defeated him——In the 2018 ITTF Tour year-end finals, Zhang Benzhi and Li Kelin Gao Yuan won the championship and became the youngest men’s singles champion in the finals. The last time he lost, Lin Gaoyuan also lost because of his mentality.

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In the game before the final, Lin Gaoyuan’s performance was really amazing, and he also mentioned his mentality time and time again in his post-match remarks, emphasizing that he must face all opponents with a stable mentality and fight for every point. His performance and his speech are so consistent that almost everyone believes that he has been reborn – however, only he himself does not believe it.

If he can really fully play his own level, will Lin Gaoyuan not be able to win against Zhang Benzhihe? Let’s take a look at the first three rounds: the quick start in the first round made Zhang Benzhi and his armor and armor discarded, the second round was won steadily, and the third round faced the opponent’s violent counterattack. At the critical moment, the fighter can still be grasped. The championship is close at hand.

However, the title of champion seems to have magic power, and the closer Lin Gaoyuan gets to it, the more lost himself. The final collapse actually has nothing to do with the opponent. Even if the opponent in the final is not Zhang Benzhihe, but any of those opponents that Lin Gaoyuan swept before, he may collapse, because he is not lost to others, but himself. !

At the last moment, Lin Gaoyuan could no longer catch the ball, and his serve was weak. The result of the game had nothing to do with skill. Lin Gaoyuan has already proved his technical and tactical abilities in several games at this station. As long as he wants to win and can play normally, it is difficult for anyone to win against him, even in one round. But the results of the finals also proved that his mentality is still the same as before, embarrassing and useful.

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No matter how harsh the outside world is, I believe it can’t compare to Lin Gaoyuan’s inner self-blame. It’s just that once again the championship that should be within reach will be lost, and it will be difficult to turn over again. If the opportunity is missed, it is missed, and this is also the helplessness of life.

In last night’s women’s singles final, Wang Manyu defeated teammate Wang Yidi 4-2 to win the women’s singles championship. Although he was injured, Wang Manyu always focused on the game, focusing on every point until he got the final victory.

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wei Chaoran

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