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Long Pang won two consecutive victories, Sun Yingsha and Chen Xingtong advanced to the top 4 | Straight to Durban (singles)_Match Day_Liang Jingkun_Mixed Doubles

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Long Pang won two consecutive victories, Sun Yingsha and Chen Xingtong advanced to the top 4 | Straight to Durban (singles)_Match Day_Liang Jingkun_Mixed Doubles

Original title: Long Pang won two consecutive victories, Sun Yingsha and Chen Xingtong advanced to the top 4 | Straight to Durban (singles)

In the mixed doubles match last night, Fan Zhendong accidentally fell out of the baffle, causing many fans to worry about it. In today’s singles, Fan Zhendong defeated Liang Yanzhu 3-0, and finally gave everyone a “peace of mind”, especially the first In the three rounds, he still fell behind 1:7 and got the game point first by his opponent. Both his physical and mental state were excellent.

“Today is the second singles game, which is better than the first game. In the first game, I felt that Zhou Kai played mediocre. Today I did a good job in terms of mobilization and mobilization. In terms of style of play, Liang Yanzhu’s quality is very high. Put pressure on him through the line and placement, and don’t let him have so much space. The first two rounds started well, and after taking the lead, it will help my mentality a lot.” During the game, Fan Zhendong used the “hook serve” which was rarely used in the past. “, Fan Zhendong explained: ” No matter what stage or period you are playing, you will find a way to incorporate new things. In fact, it is not entirely innovation. Many people are using this serve to learn from each other, learn from other players’ good things, and see if it can help them.

Fan Zhendong also responded to an accidental fall in the mixed doubles match yesterday, “I watched the replay, and the speed is not very fast. After the fall, I rubbed my hands, legs, and back, all of which were minor injuries. Today, I feel quite normal when I get up and move around.At that time, it affected me a little bit. I didn’t have many situations like this, and the mixed doubles running range was very large. I was a little worried and guilty, but it was relatively normal later on. Manyu and I tried our best to win the game. ”

Ma Long also defeated Xu Yingbin 3-0. The focus of this game was the first game. 12:10 wins. After winning the first game, Ma Long didn’t give the opponent another chance to counterattack, and won the second singles victory relatively smoothly. In another duel in the same group, Xu Haidong defeated Yuan Licen 3-0, so that Ma Long temporarily took the lead in this group with two wins, Xu Haidong and Xu Yingbin won one and one loss respectively.

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Group 4 launched a focus battle today, Liang Jingkun defeated Lin Gaoyuan 3-1. The game was quite dramatic. In the first game, the two entangled until 16:16. Lin Gaoyuan withstood the pressure and scored two points in a row, taking the lead. But then the game changed suddenly, Liang Jingkun got rid of the disadvantage, and finally won three games in a row and won the third victory in the group stage.

“Both of us played very well, entered the state quickly, and the score was very tight in the first game. Gao Yuan handled the last two balls better than me. At the beginning of the second game, I let go of my mentality, and then made some changes in techniques and tactics. Because I was a little bit disadvantaged in the power ball today, I made some breakthroughs in the short ball and rubbing.“In the previous two games, Liang Jingkun won two 3-2 games. In the third game, Liang Jingkun thought that his condition was getting better day by day. “On the first day, my waist was not particularly comfortable, and my playing was not particularly smooth. On the third day, through some adjustments and some treatments, I slowly got better and better. “Liang Jingkun, who won all three games, also secured the top spot in the group and advanced to the men’s singles semi-finals first. In another confrontation in the same group, Zhao Zihao defeated Xue Fei 3-2, and won this “straight dialogue” with difficulty.

Following Chen Yuanyu, Zhou Kai, and Xiang Peng, Wang Chuqin also withdrew from the through race today due to physical reasons.

Women’s singles: Chen Meng and Wang Manyu stand the test, Sun Yingsha and Chen Xingtong are shortlisted for the top 4

In the women’s singles competition, Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha ushered in their respective singles “first shows” today.

Chen Meng defeated Kuaiman 3-1. The battle was not easy. In the first set, Chen Meng lost 5:11 first. In the second game, she fell behind 5:9 and the opponent won three consecutive game points. Winning with difficulty at 14:12, they reversed the situation in one fell swoop and won their first victory in the singles competition.


After the game, Chen Meng was not very satisfied with his performance, “The mobilization was a little slow, the ball was not smooth and coherent in the first two games, and the second game was so far behind, I felt that if I was not determined, I would lose. It is better to be more determined and win more. Points are one point. The overall state is not particularly good, and the performance of this game is not the way it was prepared before the game.” The through match has reached the third day, and when asked about the state, Chen Meng used the word “make do”, ” From mixed doubles to singles, my state is not very ideal. Winning the game first in this state is an exercise for myself.

During the pre-match training for the evening mixed doubles match, Chen Meng suffered a relapse of his toe injury and had no choice but to withdraw from the mixed doubles match. With the help of the team doctor, Chen Meng underwent emergency bandage treatment. She looks forward to continuing the singles match tomorrow. Tomorrow, Chen Meng will face Zhang Rui in singles, and the winner between the two will lock the first place in the group.

Sun Yingsha defeated Liu Weishan in straight sets. “I have played two mixed doubles games before, and the adaptation to the venue, including the feeling of the arena, is still normal. Because I usually train in this venue.” In Sun Yingsha’s view, “thinking change” is the key to this game ,”because From mixed doubles to singles, it is more about my awareness of each event that needs to be connected faster.Moreover, it has been a long time since we have played against Liu Weishan in an official match, and we are still very familiar with each other in training together. The overall preparation for the difficulty of the game is relatively adequate. ”

Talking about the next goals and plans, Sun Yingsha said: “Let’s go all out for the last few days of the through game to prepare and play well. After the game, we will go to India and Singapore for a series of games. First of all, the state is actually quite good. What’s more important is your physical condition, including preventing injuries and diseases. You should pay more attention to these. I hope that no matter how many games there are, I will go all out to fight.“Due to Qian Tianyi’s retirement, Sun Yingsha has secured the first place in the group and successfully advanced to the semi-finals.

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The competition for the 4th group was also settled. Chen Xingtong defeated Wang Yidi 3-0 in today’s match, and entered the top 4 women’s singles with a record of three victories.

Wang Manyu defeated He Zhuojia 3-1 in today’s game, ushering in the second victory in the group stage. He Zhuojia put enough pressure on Wang Manyu in this game. She won the first game and led 8:4 in the second game, which made Wang Manyu bluntly said that she had a “heartbeat feeling”. ” It’s quite thrilling, and there is a sense of crisis when you fall behind, but you still have to find a way to bite point by point on the court, and it is worth training to win“, and scored 7 points in a row when he was behind 4:8. Wang Manyu concluded: “Actually, at 5:8, I made a half-high, but the opponent did not hit it. This is a turning point. In addition, it changed at 6:8. A serve, starting from changing the serve, immediately has an advantage. ”

Halfway through the game, Wang Manyu believes that his state has not been adjusted to the best, “I haven’t fully released, and I haven’t fully invested in the field, including the rhythm of the game. Faster, and then there is the rhythm on the court, when the mixed doubles match with Dong Ge, the rhythm is very fast, but when it comes to singles, I still need to switch more quickly.” Next, Wang Manyu will play against Fan Siqi.

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