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Manatee took down the magic flute and locked Song Long + Duan Liuyu!Zheng Long vs. former owner Lin Liangming: Cherish every day – yqqlm

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Manatee took down the magic flute and locked Song Long + Duan Liuyu!Zheng Long vs. former owner Lin Liangming: Cherish every day – yqqlm

Original Title: Manatee Takes the Magic Flute and Locks Song Long + Duan Liuyu!Zheng Long vs. Lin Liangming: Cherish every day

I will do everything I can to contribute to the national team and hope to help the national team in the future. ——Lin Liangming

If many players are not taken away, the Tarzan team will be well-stocked. It is the fourth time to coach a Chinese Super League team, and this is also a very big test. At present, for Lao Cui, he completed the first step against the Taishan team, activated Huang Zhengyu, Liao Lisheng, Li Yuanyi and others, filled Sun Zhunhao’s position, and improved the team’s fighting spirit. This is very important. Next, the Taishan team will face a third-line battle. Apart from injuries and rotations, Cui Kangxi needs to comprehensively consider the overall configuration of the team.

In fact, Taishan fans hope that Duan Xueba can practice more. Moises is old and the team needs a midfielder. Cressan even retreats to get the ball, which shows that the midfielder is in short supply. Duan Liuyu was reused during Li Xiaopeng’s period, but was abandoned during Hao Wei and Fabio’s period! It can be said that the intermission period and the following FA Cup and several league games are very important for some fringe players of the Taishan team, including Duan Liuyu, Song Long, Fernando, Li Hailong, Zhao Jianfei, Qi Tianyu…

Qingdao Manatee has won the “Magic Flute” of the Chinese Super League, and will try its best to introduce Song Long and Duan Liuyu! It is no longer “news” that Qingdao Manatee needs to strengthen. The team ranks second to last and there is a lot of pressure to relegation. On June 18, according to the “Football News” report, newly promoted Qingdao Manatee extended an olive branch to former Guangzhou team player Zhang Xiuwei. Now the player himself has arrived in Qingdao, and the two sides have also signed a short contract. Zhang Xiuwei will help Manatee avoid relegation. Last season, Zhang Xiuwei played 14 games for the Guangzhou team in the Super League.

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After the Guangzhou team was relegated, Zhang Xiuwei won a free agent. At the beginning of this year, he wanted to continue studying abroad and missed the opportunity to contact many domestic clubs. But by mistake, Zhang Xiuwei failed to go abroad as he wished, and also missed the first registration period. In addition to the introduction of Zhang Xiuwei, the Manatee Club is still operating to introduce Taishan team left back Song Long and midfielder Liu Yu, but the success of the introduction depends on Cui Kangxi’s attitude. So far this season, Song Long has played 5 times and Duan Liuyu has played 2 times.

For Dalian people, they are very envious when they see the signings of other teams. If Xia Chuang cannot be opened, these people will still fight. On June 22, the Dalian native will challenge Yanbian Longding in the third round of the FA Cup. Xie Hui has a high probability of sending a substitute lineup to inspect more young players. On June 28th, in the 13th round of the Chinese Super League, the Dalian native challenged the three towns of Wuhan away. On July 2, in the 14th round of the Chinese Super League, the Dalian native played against Qingdao Manatee at home. Zheng Long is expected to face his old club at that time. Zheng Long is 35 years old. He has represented Qingdao Manatee (including Qingdao Zhongneng) in 200 games in various competitions, scoring a total of 28 goals.

Dalian Sports Center Stadium has “poison”, and the home game against Qingdao on July 2 will be at Dalian Barracuda Bay Stadium. At present, Lin Liangming is training with the national team in Barracuda Bay, playing an international warm-up match, and has scored his first goal. On June 18, Lin Liangming accepted questions from fans and answered several questions. Fans asked: “What’s the difference in mentality in the national team?” Lin Liangming replied: “Motivation is far more important than everything else. It is an incomparable pride and honor to represent the country and play for the country.”

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The fans asked, “How do you feel about playing at home in Barracuda Bay?” Lin Liangming replied: “I am very familiar with it, and I am very happy. It is my first time playing in Barracuda Bay, and I am very much looking forward to playing in such a beautiful professional football stadium.” The fans asked: “How do you play?” What do you think of the national team competition?” Lin Liangming: “I feel lucky to be able to train, compete and live with so many outstanding athletes every day, and I can also learn from them at the same time. I cherish and enjoy every day in the national team very much. “

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