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Manchester City demon striker fractured right foot or missed for 6 weeks

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Original title: Manchester City’s demon forward broke his right foot or missed for 6 weeks

In the UEFA Europa League final last weekend, Spain lost 1-2 to France and missed the championship. Ferran Torres started for Spain, but he was injured in the game. Manchester City officially announced on Thursday that Ferran Torres suffered a minor fracture in his right foot and may be absent for six weeks.

The Manchester City club official website announced that: “Ferran Torres injured his right foot in the national team game. The Manchester City striker scored twice in the UEFA Europa League semi-final between Spain and Italy and started in the UEFA Europa League final between Spain and France. He played, but he suffered a minor fracture. The player has since returned to Manchester for inspection and will continue to be monitored.”

The 21-year-old Ferran Torres came from Valencia’s youth training and joined Manchester City last summer. Last season, he scored 13 goals for the team. This season, Ferran Torres has scored 3 goals in 7 appearances for Manchester City. Ferran Torres was selected for the Spanish national team this summer to participate in the 2020 European Cup. In the five national team games in September and October, he has scored 4 goals for Spain.

In fact, after Spain’s 2-1 victory over Italy in the UEFA Europa League semi-finals, Ferran Torres had symptoms of swelling and pain in his right foot, but he insisted: “The foot injury has recovered very smoothly. I am a fighter. So I will be in the final anyway.” As a result, Ferran Torres, who played with an injury in the UEFA Europa League final, suffered serious injuries and was replaced in the 84th minute. After the game, he was diagnosed with a minor fracture of his right foot.

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According to Goal reports, Ferran Torres may be absent for six weeks due to this, and will not be expected to return until mid-November. This means that he will miss Manchester City’s next 4 Premier League games, 2 UEFA Champions League group matches, 1 English League Cup game, and the Spanish national team’s 2 World Cup European qualifiers in November.

Aguero left Manchester City after his contract expired this summer, and Manchester City failed to introduce Kane. Coach Guardiola could only let Ferran Torres play center. But now Ferran Torres is injured, and Brazilian forward Jesus Jesus may not be able to catch up with this weekend’s Premier League after participating in today’s Brazil national team game. Manchester City’s home game against Burnley’s Premier League Guardiola is in the striker position. Staff is tight.Return to Sohu to see more


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