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Match summary: Necaxa vs. Chivas (1-0). GOAL

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Match summary: Necaxa vs.  Chivas (1-0).  GOAL

Necaxa triumphs over Chivas in Matchday 9 of Clausura 2024

In a showdown at the Victoria Stadium, Necaxa secured a 1-0 victory over Chivas, making this their second defeat of the tournament. The Rayos remain undefeated, while Chivas have gone two games without a win.

The victory for Necaxa, achieved under the leadership of coach Fernando Rubén Gago, marks their third win of the tournament, bringing them up to 14 points. The decisive goal came from Diber Cambindo in the 28th minute, following a strong play by Ricardo Monreal. The result solidifies Necaxa’s strong performance in the Clausura 2024.

Despite a second-half effort from Chivas, including a near equalizer from Pavel Pérez, Necaxa maintained control of the game. Juan Antonio Paradela and Heriberto Jurado posed a consistent threat to the Chivas defense throughout the match.

Chivas will need to regroup following this defeat, as they aim to regain momentum in the ensuing matches. Although the team has not fallen since Matchday 2, they will need to bolster their performance to secure future victories.

The strong showing from Necaxa indicates that they are a formidable force in the Clausura 2024, and they will be a team to watch as the tournament progresses.

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