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Milan, new arrest for the rapist real estate agent. His wife is also in trouble

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Milan, new arrest for the rapist real estate agent.  His wife is also in trouble

Drugged Couples and Raped Women: his wife in trouble too by Omar Confalonieri, the former real estate agent convicted in the first instance on charges of being a serial rapist. An ordinance of presentation obligation the Criminal Police was notified of the woman, married to the former professional who in the first instance, in the trial held with an abbreviated procedure in Milan, was sentenced to a sentence of 6 years and 4 months because accused of having drugged a couple of clients and raped his partner. Simultaneously a new precautionary custody order was served on Confalonieri himselfcurrently in prison, on suspicion of other abuses.

The Corsico carabinieri notified the woman of the provision with the accusation of aggravated sexual assault. According to the investigation, the woman with her husband is involved in other rapes in the same way against other victims. Five new episodes disputed in the order to Confalonieri. The wife would be involved in two.

The new ordinance

In the order issued by the investigating judge Stefania Pepe with which the new arrest of Confalonieri is arranged, there is talk of five other alleged episodes of sexual violence aggravated committed since 2012 towards other women. After the first arrest in November 2021, the subsequent investigations by the carabinieri of the Corsico company and the VI section of the investigative nucleus of the Arma, coordinated by the adjunct Letizia Mannella and by the prosecutor Alessia Mengazzo, led to the identification and at the audition of over 200 women who over the years had had various kinds of contacts with Confalonieri. All the victims were then carefully heard by the investigators, making it possible to ascertain how the man, in two cases supported by his wife, had systematically adopted the same modus operandi detected in the sexual violence carried out last October, namely that of abusing sexually of women only after having narcotized them with psychotropic substances introduced in drinks or food. The man’s wife, as mentioned, was subjected to the mandatory signature of the judicial police

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