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Missing ten consecutive victories, Yuan Yue stopped in the top 8-China News

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Chinese tennis player Yuan Yue’s nine-game winning streak came to an end yesterday in the fifth round of the women’s singles match at the WTA1000 Indian Wells, where she faced off against US Open champion Gauff. Despite putting up a tough fight, Yuan Yue ultimately lost to Gauff, ending her streak of victories.

Yuan Yue’s journey, however, is far from over. She will now be competing in the upcoming WTA1000 Miami Open with a world ranking of 37th. The outside world has already begun speculating on the outcome of the match between Yuan Yue and her opponent in Miami, but Yuan Yue remains undeterred.

Reflecting on her recent defeat, Yuan Yue expressed confidence in her abilities and determination to continue facing high-ranking opponents. She credited her recent success to a newfound sense of self-confidence and fearlessness when taking on challenging competitors.

As Yuan Yue prepares for the Miami Open, she remains grateful for the support of her fans, who have provided her with motivation and encouragement throughout her journey. Regardless of the outcomes of future matches, Yuan Yue is determined to give her all on the court and deliver satisfying results to her supporters.

Yuan Yue’s partnership with her coach Hernandez has been described as “amazing” by the player, who is the first professional athlete Hernandez has worked with. Their successful collaboration has yielded positive results, and Yuan Yue looks forward to continuing their partnership in the future.

As Yuan Yue looks ahead to the upcoming tournament in Miami, she remains focused and determined to showcase her skills and resilience on the court. Despite the challenges she may face, Yuan Yue is confident in her abilities and committed to giving her all in each match she plays.

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