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Mister Rossitto and all the secrets of Udinese’s new midfield: “Walace is the equalizer”

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The former midfielder now coach tells his impressions on the bianconeri. “The attitude has changed, now the pressure is brought higher”

UDINE. “There is something new in Udinese”, Fabio Rossitto affirmed at a certain point in his examination, referring not so much to the market, but rather to the interpretation, to the way to stay on the pitch and to play the Bianconeri match. For the former midfielder, who wore the Zebretta jersey 211 times in the 90s, Gotti is already finding the right squad in midfield, the pivotal department on which balance depends.

Rossitto, let’s try to “justify” the four points collected by Udinese in two days …

«They arrived for the great compactness demonstrated. Gotti has given order and is finding new alchemy in the median, where Arslan and Makengo are already added values, in addition to the Pereyra we know and the Walace that is emerging as a balancer ».

Many names for different characteristics.

“True, but with one trait in common. The team attitude has changed, because unlike last year the aggression is higher, we try to give less points of reference to the opponents and therefore the unpredictability with the movement. Arslan and Makengo, for example, are very proactive, which is why we need someone like Walace in the middle ».

The risks thus increase, however, see the goals scored with Juve and the opportunity granted at the start of Venice.

«Zaccheroni taught us to look forward rather than backwards, and we also needed this mentality to defend better. With Juve I saw a team that had more courage to play one-on-one and therefore to shorten, leaving more pitch behind. Last year a defender like Nuytinck was afraid to do so, worrying not to allow too many spaces ».

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So is the mentality changing?

“Yup. Udinese tends to seek new entries from behind playing with the principles of modern football in which the advanced reference may not even serve ».

So we open the first tip chapter …

«The heavy one you can lean on may not help. Or rather, it always depends from game to game, but it’s not necessarily a good thing if you always play with a high reference, especially if you are looking for this type of game on entries, in search of unpredictability ».

So is Gotti on the right track?

«Yes, because Udinese is in good condition and can and still must grow on these playing principles thanks to the tactical knowledge acquired in the last two years thanks. I wouldn’t be surprised if it became a surprise ». –


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