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Yellow area, from company canteens to the green pass: here are the government faqs

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Do the same travel restrictions apply to foreign citizens as to Italians?

Yes, the restrictions are valid for all people present on Italian territory, regardless of their nationality. For travel to and from abroad, in addition to these restrictions, one is also subject to the specific provisions relating to each foreign state, available on the institutional website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

In this area when and where should the mask be worn?

In the yellow zone, respiratory protection devices (better known as masks) must be worn in all indoor places other than your home, including public transport (airplanes, trains, buses) and in all places outdoors.
However, the obligation is not foreseen for:
– children under 6 years of age;
– people who, due to their disability or pathology, cannot wear the mask;
– operators or people who, to assist a person exempt from the obligation, cannot in turn wear a mask (for example: who has to speak in the LIS with a deaf person).
Furthermore, it is not mandatory to wear a mask, both outdoors and indoors:
– while doing sports;
– while eating or drinking, in the places and times in which it is allowed;
– when, due to the characteristics of the places or the factual circumstances, isolation from non-cohabiting people is continuously guaranteed.

As regards the performance of the work activity, the mask is mandatory in the situations provided for by the specific sector protocols. However, the use of masks is strongly recommended even inside private homes, in the presence of non-cohabiting people.

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Is it mandatory to use a specific type of mask?

No, “community” masks, disposable, washable, possibly self-produced, can also be used, as long as they are in multilayer materials suitable for providing an adequate barrier and, at the same time, guaranteeing comfort and breathability, shape and adherence adequate to cover the face, from chin up above the nose.

What are the activities and services in Italy where you can access with the green COVID-19 certification in the yellow zone?

The COVID-19 green certification is required in Italy to participate in parties for civil and religious ceremonies, access nursing homes or other facilities, move in and out of territories possibly classified in “red zone” or “orange zone”. From 6 August 2021 it is also necessary to access the following services and activities: catering services carried out by any establishment for consumption at the table, indoors; shows open to the public, sporting events and competitions; museums, other institutes and places of culture and exhibitions; swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team sports, wellness centers, even within accommodation facilities, limited to indoor activities;
And. festivals and fairs, conferences and congresses; spas, theme and amusement parks; cultural centers, social and recreational centers, limited to indoor activities and with the exception of educational centers for children, including summer centers, and related catering activities; gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos; public competitions.

Furthermore, from 1 September 2021, school and university staff and university students will have to exhibit the COVID-19 green certification. Also starting from September 1st, only those with a Green Pass will be allowed to access and use the following means of transport: – airplanes used for commercial passenger transport services; ships and ferries used for interregional transport services, with the exception of those used for maritime connections in the Strait of Messina; trains used in Inter City, Inter City Night and High Speed ​​passenger rail transport services; buses used for passenger transport services, with an undifferentiated offer, carried out on the road continuously or periodically on a route that connects more than two regions and with pre-established itineraries, timetables, frequencies and prices; buses used for rental services with driver, with the exception of those used in additional local and regional public transport services.

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