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MMA | Muradov admitted it was the biggest blow I’ve received in a while. His eyes were black

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MMA |  Muradov admitted it was the biggest blow I’ve received in a while.  His eyes were black

The reason for the injured knee is still unknown. In any case, Murad’s visible swelling on his left leg limited him even before entering the cage of the most famous fighting organization. “It was already visible in the match. Because of that, I couldn’t engage the triangle on the leg, I couldn’t control my opponent on the ground. Thanks to that, he was able to get up, but I can’t say that he wouldn’t do it well himself,” he acknowledged his opponent’s qualities.

In the coming days, when the swelling subsides, the 33-year-old Uzbek fighter will undergo a more detailed examination that will reveal the cause of the injury. “I have to wait for the swelling to go down. I’m currently waiting for the doctor to come back so I can follow him,” describes the upcoming steps of the fighter from the East, who, despite these problems, gave a dominant performance and clearly beat his opponent to points. He also admitted that the adrenaline from the fight kept his thoughts from the injured leg aside.

In terms of injuries, however, that was not all. There was a clash of heads twice in the match, and especially the collision from the end of the match even required medical treatment and there was no fighting for more than a minute. But since it was the very end of the fight, the referee let the last seconds count. But as it was clear from the expression of both fighters, it was a very painful matter.

“It was the biggest blow I’ve received in a match in a while,” smiles Muradov. “I really felt it a lot. It threw me off a bit, I had a bit of black in front of my eyes. It was good that it wasn’t at the beginning, but at the end of the third round. There was only the last minute left. Fortunately, it only hurt after the match, now it’s fine,” he was relieved.

Thus, Muradov left the capital of England with health problems, the pain of which can be at least partially mitigated by the fact that he managed an extremely important battle. It is this successful notch that will most likely earn him a new contract. The original one will expire with the upcoming duel.

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“It depends on what the UFC wants, but under these circumstances they normally extend it. We’ll see what happens,” describes Muradov, who was also supported by his girlfriend Sabina Karásková right in London’s O2 Arena. The Uzbek fighter himself should be part of the world‘s most famous league in the upcoming fights.

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