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Naples more and more in flight. Milan and Juventus in free fall

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Naples more and more in flight.  Milan and Juventus in free fall

And Berardi, who exalts himself in these carnage, is the main torturer. Everything comes from him: a header from a corner, three assists, total domination of his area. Teo Hernandez, compared to him, disappears. Never arrived. Inattentive, apathetic, unresponsive. Moreover, like all of Milan, soft on the legs and in defensive synchrony. There is also a lot of confusion. Changing six players, compared to the match against Lazio, didn’t help. Everyone then makes mistakes in their own way: goalkeeper Tatarusanu, on Sassuolo’s second goal (Frattesi), is certainly not flawless, but it is useless to look for a single culprit. It’s the whole group vanished into thin air.

On 5 February derby with Inter

“I will evaluate the changes,” says Pioli, realizing that this team is no longer the same as a few months ago, the one that won the Scudetto while having fun and making a show. Last year Milan, in the last season of the championship, had eaten Sassuolo. Now the situation is reversed. The banquet was made by the Emilians. In such a precarious situation, with Inter arriving on February 5th, and a frightening Champions League, maybe it’s better to salvage what can be saved, put a stop on this endless fall. Even Leao has vanished into his bubble. Now, of course, the market problems arise. When a team turns, everyone wants to stay. Conversely, if you sink, the mice will escape. There is no shortage of questions on the market: OK, don’t make debts, and don’t imitate Juve’s accounting acrobatics, but AC Milan’s transfer campaign has so far been unsuccessful.

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The new property, Gerry Cardinale’s Redbird, has not made more than proclamations since he has been at the helm of Milan (August 31st). Many beautiful words, a lot in English that end, but little substance. We miss Ivan Gazidis, the former managing director of the Scudetto. The market closes on January 31 but Pioli and Maldini have already said that there are no new entries on the way, much less Zaniolo who will already have his troubles by staying in Rome. Milan, who have already lost almost all of their goals for the season (the Champions League remains, but with these moonshine…), above all they need to be safe. Losing a place in the Champions League means giving up another 40 million, perhaps it’s time to start again from this primary awareness.

Milan like the national team after the European Championship

Without the necessary differences, the crisis of Milan recalls that of the Italian national team after the triumph at the European Championship. In a few months, euphoria turned into panic. An almost astounding change of scene. The Azzurri were fooled by Macedonia, Milan by anyone who crosses their path. Serginho comes to mind who missed elementary and decisive penalties in blue. In Milan they all seem like Serginhos: soft, imprecise, satisfied. As if, after the great effort for the championship, the energies were exhausted. In all of this, target practice has already begun on Pioli, a saint until a month ago, now already viewed with suspicion. Pioli, with Maldini and Massara, was the architect of Milan’s rebirth. A little respect doesn’t hurt even if football, like politics, is as mobile as a feather in the wind. “The Italian always gets on the wagon of the winner, but he is very ready to get off if he realizes he has the wrong wagon”, said a wise man.

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Juventus also dived (0-2 with Monza)

Speaking of defeats and disconcerting corporate crises, Juventus is once again being talked about. More for the bad than for the good. Apart from the fact that the reasons for the minus 15 will be announced today (we’ll know some good ones), Allegri’s team got a new pass from Monza, again 2-0, goals from Ciurria and Mota. As in the first leg, but this time in Turin, Juve had to raise the white flag after a first half that was almost worse than Milan’s against Sassuolo. A colossal sleep, that of the black and whites, which allows the Brianzas to overtake them in the standings. “We have to score points on the pitch,” Max said, trying to reawaken Juventus’ wounded pride. Words in the wind from him too, given that Juve only reconnected after drinking tea between the first and second half. Too late though.

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