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Nba, Lakers at work: the Westbrook case is always on the agenda

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Nba, Lakers at work: the Westbrook case is always on the agenda

Yellow-violet at work. The Russ case is always on the table, explaining: “I think the management wants me here, everything will go well”

Last year these days the Lakers of the “Big Three” were considered by most insiders as serious candidates for the final victory. The parquet then gave a decidedly different response for a team with actually different gaps and which never managed to find the right chemistry. During the offseason, LA puppeteer Rob Pelinka tried to give the roster a sharp turn, first trying to bring Kyrie Irving to California, then trying to set up a trade for Westbrook. Without success.


Now the Los Angeles club finds itself for Media Day with several unanswered questions. First of all the role of Russell Westbrook. “Russ behaved like a true professional – underlines Pelinka – he did everything we asked him, he is an extraordinary athlete whose only goal is the success of the team”. Managing the former MVP for the new Lakers coach Darvin Ham will not be easy, as long as Westbrook stays in LA and is not, as seemed likely during the summer, placed in a trade. “I have only positive things to say about Russ – adds the coach from LA – he is behaving very well and shows great altruism with his teammates. If he will start in the quintet? We will see, we have many options for our backcourt, we are however convinced that Westbrook will do a lot. well this year. We have to make a qualitative leap in attacking, I also told Russ and he understood it perfectly. ” Classic phrases from Media Day, the day in which everything glitters and problems do not seem to exist for any NBA franchise, or will Westbrook be able to find its place in the chessboard of coach Ham to make an important contribution to the yellow-violet cause?

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The parquet will give its response, meanwhile the 33-year-old born in Long Beach, not too far from the Lakers training center, comes to his meeting with the media smiling and in an excellent mood. “I don’t think the management doesn’t want me here – says the veteran – but even if it were me I don’t have to worry about it. I’m a professional and I just have to do my job in the best possible way. What if I expect to start as a quintet? I think about it, I want to do my best for the team and be myself. I think in the end everything will go well. ” Westbrook apart from LA naturally needs the health of its two leaders, James and Davis, who have come back from a season marked by various physical problems. LeBron is preparing for his twentieth year as NBA games with the conviction that he can change course for a team that wants to make its fans forget a decidedly disappointing year. “I think the most important thing is to make progress in defense – says the 37-year-old James – the teams that have the right defensive approach are the ones that are the most successful in the end. I will try to do my part, AD will contribute and Russell. he will be ready. I am convinced that Westbrook will have a great season in the end. ”

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