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NBA: Marc Gasol: “I removed all the thorns by looking in the mirror”

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NBA: Marc Gasol: “I removed all the thorns by looking in the mirror”

Memphis Grizzlies legend Marc Gasol will be honored this Sunday with a special ceremony to commemorate his impactful career with the franchise. Gasol, who led the team to success during the golden age of the Grizzlies, will have his number 33 retired after the game against the Sixers.

Gasol’s former teammate and comrade in battles, Tony Allen, praised the center for his contributions to the team’s rise to NBA aristocracy. Gasol’s arrival in Memphis in 2008 marked a turning point for the franchise, shifting them from underdogs to contenders in the league.

In an exclusive interview, Gasol expressed his emotions regarding the upcoming ceremony and the special connection he shares with the city of Memphis. He credited his parents for sacrificing their social life to support his and his brother Pau’s basketball careers, laying the foundation for their success.

Gasol reflected on his career, describing it as a journey of trust, hard work, and gradual progress. He emphasized the importance of representing the city and the team with pride and responsibility, acknowledging the support he has received from the community.

The ceremony is expected to be emotional and filled with heartfelt moments as Gasol’s impact on the team and the city is celebrated. Gasol expressed gratitude for the love and respect he has received from fans and the community throughout his years with the Grizzlies.

With his number set to be retired and his legacy honored, Marc Gasol’s influence on the Memphis Grizzlies and the NBA will be commemorated in a fitting tribute to one of the franchise’s heroes.

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