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NBA Raises the Bar for Immersion with Shared Reality

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NBA Raises the Bar for Immersion with Shared Reality

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The NBA has entered into a collaboration agreement with the company that produces immersive technologies Cosm to make live games real “shared reality” experiences capable of making participants feel inside an NBA arena, through the use of virtual and augmented reality

The objective of the agreement starts from the desire of both parties to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds by digitally recreating a stadium, replicating not only the atmosphere of the pitch, but also the entire surrounding context that has always distinguished the stadium experience.

In fact, every element of the experience is designed to give fans the perception of actually being at a live event, with immersive images, authentic possibilities to buy food and drinks and other typical elements of the arenas such as the points dedicated to merchandising.

The partnership with the NBA for the moment it only concerns some games of the League Pass streaming service and represents for members of the NBA-owned platform the opportunity to access exclusive benefits including discounts on tickets for real games.

The initiative represents a new experience for the world of sport, guided by the immersiveness of cutting-edge technologies, to offer fans an alternative way of enjoying the content of a match, offering unprecedented possibilities for broadcasters and brands to bring fans fans more than ever to the action.

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