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Nba results, Minnesota wins 138-119 with Milwaukee without Giannis

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Nba results, Minnesota wins 138-119 with Milwaukee without Giannis

Milwaukee sinks without Antetokounmpo, stopped for a pain in his right knee. Quality flashes from Edwards and Towns

Minnesota in the playoffs now truly believes in it. Milwaukee, orphan of Antetokoumpo, dominates 138-119 and finds herself glued to Denver, fighting for sixth place in the West which would mean post season without the risk of going through the Play-in ring road. The Wolves (41-30) are 11-2 records from the All Star Game. In great shape. Physically healthy and confident as a head. Everything turns out well for them, and when it goes like this, the many offensive talents put a lot of points on the board. Edwards in particular shows his All Star potential.

Milwaukee (44-27) was back from 8 victories in the last 10 outings, but without the Greek, stopped by a pain in his right knee, it is a team with obvious limits, especially defensive. He tries to console himself by recovering some pieces of the board: Lopez in the quintet and Connaughton off the bench, yet he can’t even stay in the game. The only moment of intensity of the guests is triggered by the usual pestiferous Beverley who gets hunted for yet another filth, this time against Ibaka. The Bucks compact only to try to hunt him down and make him pay, but Hill ends up escorting him to the locker room early. Both expelled.


Edwards with 12 points in the first 8 ‘for the Wolves. With 2 ‘to play in the first quarter Beverley pushes Ibaka (author of a shameful counter-performance) on a referee and touches the general brawl. Referees take forever to decide what to do, with the game stopping for too many minutes. Then they expel Beverley and Hill (the first to react) and punish Ibaka and Prince with technical fouls. Connaughton sees himself again, in his first triple since February, when he left the scene due to injury, while Towns picks up the pace in attack, despite an ailment in his right arm that questioned his presence. 34-28 Minny after 12 ‘.

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Then 39-29, Reid from the bench scores 10 points in a row for the Wolves. He and Portis get a double technical fault, it is Middleton who tries to keep the reigning champions in the game. But it’s 68-56 mid-game for the Target Center bosses. Defense of the Bucks without the Greek not received. 17 points and 100 grimaces and protests from Towns that he still has to work hard on body language. The start of the second half closes the game: 87-67 Minny who goes crazy on energy games, in total confidence, wins every loose ball. 106-82 after 36 ‘, the last quarter is played only for protocol obligations. Minny wins hands down, Milwaukee makes a fool of himself. Ok to be addicted Giannis, but so you exaggerate …

Minnesota: Edwards/Towns 25, Russell 16. Rimbalzi: Towns 11. Assist. Russell 9. Milwaukee: Middleton/Lopez 15, Holiday 14. Rimbalzi: Portis 10. Assist: Holiday 7.

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