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Nogarè-Plavis the highlight: San Vittore and Pedavena also play

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Triple advance in Terza. It is played in all three groups where the Belluno players are involved. In order of time, at 2.30 pm in La Rossa (Belluno) the leaders Nogarè, hosting the Plavis, will be on the field. At 3 pm, at the Boscherai, Pedavena, who have just qualified for the semi-final of the Cup, awaits the rear Loria: he must be overcome in order not to lose contact from the two leaders. Finally at 5.30 pm San Vittore goes to San Pietro di Feletto as a guest of FC Conegliano. After a good start, the felts slowed down. It would be valuable to go and take points on the field of a real candidate for the playoffs.

9th day Terza Belluno: Nogarè – Plavis (14. 30).

Ranking: Nogarè 24, Comelico 21, Sois, Auronzo 19, Fortogna 17, Valzoldana 15, Alpes Cesio 14, Cortina 13, Piave 12, Limana Cavarzano 8, Plavis 7, Domegge 5, Valboite 4, Dynamo Vellai 0.

7th day Terza Bassano: Pedavena – Loria (3 pm).

Ranking: Ramon, J.Laghi 18, Pedavena, Fellette 13, Grantorto B 12, Cogitana, Team Marchesane B 8, Bassanese, San Vito Bassano 4, Campolongo 3, Loria, S. Croce B 1.

9th day Terza Treviso: FC Conegliano – San Vittore (5.30 pm).

Ranking: Madonna Salute 20, La Ronca 17, Parè 16, Badoere 14, FC Conegliano, Morocco 13, Pederobba, Altivolese B 11, San Vittore, Arcade 9, Salvarosa 8, Paese B 7, Fulgor Trevignano B 5, County 3. –

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