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Old Wild West, with Forlì the turning point is mandatory

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Old Wild West, with Forlì the turning point is mandatory

Last call for the Apu. Forlì arrives at Carnera on Sunday for what promises to be the most delicate match in the three-year period for Boniciolli.

Winning is the only way to get around the threat of an otherwise inevitable turnaround, because President Pedone’s patience seems to be running out.


The misstep in the derby uncovered the pot on Apu’s home problems, and for many tomorrow it will be an exam without appeal, both in the technical staff and among the players.

The match with the Romagnoli weighs heavily on the scales: Udine, this year, has not won even a direct match (the current anonymous Fortitudo does not count), if we don’t start tomorrow the standings would become rather sad even from a second perspective phase.

Furthermore, another stop would jeopardize the qualification for the quarterfinals of the Italian Cup.

An event that is not the main objective of the club, but a comparison with the previous year’s path (qualification from before the green group and trophy won) would be merciless.

A match that under normal conditions would be worth two points is now worth three times and the team will have to demonstrate that they can handle all this pressure.


It is curious to note that tomorrow a team that has just come out of a crisis and the other in a clear decline will face each other.

Forlì was in chaos until two weeks ago: three consecutive defeats, the last one at home against a reworked Gesteco, seemed like a sentence.

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Then came the last second success against Cento, with a tap-in from Adrian, and the team turned around. Now it’s up to the Apu, also returning from a stop against Cividale, to try to give a decisive turn to their season. Winning could hang up Pistoia at the top and avoid (or postpone) the showdown.


All while hypotheses continue to circulate about a possible replacement on the bench should the situation worsen. “Pino” Sacripanti, who brought Naples to A two seasons ago, is an ever-present name.

For a couple of days, the rumor of an evocative return has been circulating: Lino Lardo, current coach of the women’s national team, is a man very appreciated by a part of society, so much so that he was already close to an Apu 2.0 in the summer of his farewell by Davide Micalich.

Tomorrow evening the voices may be reduced to a whisper, or become a noisy and unthinkable uproar until a few weeks ago.

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