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Olympic champion Xian Dongmei promotes hometown Sihui to build Judo hometown

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Olympic champion Xian Dongmei promotes hometown Sihui to build Judo hometown

  Original title: Olympic champion Xian Dongmei promotes hometown Sihui to build Judo hometown  

On the 7th, Xian Dongmei, the two-time Olympic champion, the current vice chairman of the Asian Judo Federation, the first-level researcher of the Sports Division of the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, and the chairman of the Guangdong Judo Association returned to her hometown, Zhaoqing Sihui, to participate in the “National Fitness Day” in Zhaoqing. “Launching Ceremony.

At the launching ceremony, Sihui City and Guangdong Judo Association officially signed a contract to build the “Hometown of Judo”. In order to promote the construction of Sihui Judo brand and speed up the spread of Judo culture, Sihui Sports Center Gymnasium was named Xian Dongmei Gymnasium.

“Hometown of Judo” recreates world champions

Chen Yinggu, representative of Guangdong Judo Association, and Wu Weiwen, representative of Sihui City, formally signed a contract for Sihui to build a Judo hometown.

“There are many mountainous areas in Zhaoqing. Children are generally able to endure hardships and have good physical fitness. It can be said that they are very suitable for practicing sports. Like the well-known Guangdong sprinter Liang Xiaojing, she is from Zhaoqing.” Xian Dongmei, the judo Olympic champion She said that as a native of Zhaoqing, she started from the Sihui, went a long way, went to Beijing, and finally stepped onto the top podium of the Olympic Games.

The idea of ​​Sihui to build a “judo hometown”, Xian Dongmei and leaders at all levels in Zhaoqing City and Sihui City hit it off, and quickly put it into action.

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Chen Ruiqiang, head of the Sports, Health and Arts Unit of the Sihui Education Bureau, said that there are more than 60 primary and secondary schools in Sihui City, all of which carry out judo exercises, and 5 of them are equipped with professional judo rooms, equipped with LED screens, judo mats, etc. facilities, and plans to increase the number of schools with judo rooms to 15 in the future.

In order to allow students to enjoy professional judo training, Sihui City has also recruited 3 judo-major PE teachers to the campus. In the future, 10 judo-major PE teachers will enter the campus one after another to enhance the faculty of judo.

“We will start with the gradual popularization of the campus, gradually cultivate children’s understanding of judo, and then build a campus competition system, from which to select the best seedlings,” Xian Dongmei said.

“Star Selection Program” Enters the Fourth Meeting of Zhaoqing

Together with Xian Dongmei, who came to Zhaoqing Sihui, there is also the “Star Selection Program” for outstanding competitive reserve talents.

The “Star Selection Program” is a brand-new talent selection activity that came into being in response to problems such as insufficient reserve talents for competitive sports in my country, limited selection of materials, poor selection channels, and insufficient selection and training incentive mechanisms.

The “Star Selection Program” will pass a series of procedures such as receiving recommendation and self-recommendation, test evaluation, training selection, system training, recommendation delivery, and key training, etc., to get through the transfer of outstanding reserve talents from the grassroots to the upper layers, and finally to the national training camp. channel.

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This time, Olympic champion Xian Dongmei came to Zhaoqing Sihui together with Hu Chunyu, the coach of Guangdong Heavy Sports Center. It is reported that the “star selection” of the judo project will select 5 to 8 seedlings from various cities and participate in the centralized selection and training of the provincial team.

It is understood that the “Star Selection Plan” will be organized and implemented for a long time. The first cycle will be from 2022 to 2024. In combination with the actual development of competitive sports in Guangdong Province, it will mainly focus on track and field, swimming, diving, weightlifting, table tennis, badminton, fencing, tennis, Golf, equestrian, shooting, hockey, boating, and heavy athletics are the key directions for star selection.

  “I want to win glory for the country like Sister Xian Dong”

In response to the State Sports General Administration’s request for sports teams to enter campuses and communities to carry out fitness guidance activities in combination with the “National Fitness Day” theme, Xian Dongmei and Guangdong Provincial Sports Center coach Hu Chunyu brought the provincial team members to Sihui City. Zhou Kaiquan Primary School.

In the school’s judo practice room, dozens of children practising judo gathered in a circle to watch the demonstration and teaching of the two provincial athletes’ elder sisters. Children, no matter their age, are meticulous in their learning.

Zhang Qingxin, a fifth-grade girl from Zhongtai Primary School in a blue dao uniform, has made a wish for herself: “I have been studying judo for more than five months. After practicing judo, my health is much better than before, and I don’t like getting sick so much. Moreover, the good results in the competition have also made me more and more confident. I want to train hard in the future, strive to enter the national team in the future, and win glory for the country like Xian Dongmei.” (Tang Guijiang Wang Xiao)

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