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Palio di Siena, won the Leocorno. Fourth consecutive success for Tittia

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Palio di Siena, won the Leocorno.  Fourth consecutive success for Tittia

The contrada, which had not won since August 2007, dominates from start to finish with Violenta da Clodia and the jockey Giovanni Atzeni

The Palio of 16 August 2022, postponed by one day due to bad weather, is an amazing monologue of the Contrada del Leocorno, which triumphs with the mare Violenta da Clodia, masterfully ridden by Giovanni Atzeni known as Tittia, who wins her fourth consecutive prize, the ninth in total.


In the role of starter, after the controversy over the management of the complicated July move by Renato Bircolotti, Bartolo Ambrosion returned to the sixteenth Palio. On paper it was a more complicated moment than usual, due to the presence of three pairs of rivals: Nicchio-Valdimontone, Chiocciola-Tartuca and Leocorno-Civetta.


The ten districts entered the ropes in this order: Leocorno, Giraffa, Selva, Valdimontone, Onda, Civetta, Tartuca, Nicchio and Lupa, with the Snail drawn as a run-up.


After an invalid move (with the Tartuca turned and the Snail trying to take advantage of it), the Leocorno immediately took the lead, flanked by Selva and Valdimontone. That of Leocorno was an unstoppable progression, with Violenta da Clodia unleashing all of his power and winning his first prize by a large margin. La Selva never got that close and Valdimontone continued to lose further ground, while in the supporting positions the Giraffe gave way to a series of falls. The Leocorno did not win since the Palio of August 2007: it is the twenty-ninth absolute success of the Contrada in via di Pantaneto, very close to Piazza del Campo, among other things.

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