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The top and bottom of the Xiang Safety Zone work together to build a barrier for epidemic prevention and control_News Center_Xiamen Net

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The top and bottom of the Xiang Safety Zone work together to build a barrier for epidemic prevention and control_News Center_Xiamen Net

The nucleic acid testing site in Xiang’an District was in good order.

The volunteers and staff at the nucleic acid testing site in Chentang Huimin community who had just finished their day’s work immediately prepared for the next day’s nucleic acid testing.

Xiamen Net News (Text/Xiamen Daily reporter Shao Lingfeng correspondent Ye Xiaofei Huang Haotu/Xiang’an District provides except signature) The epidemic is an order, prevention and control is a responsibility, and a position is a position.

Since yesterday, Xiang’an District has carried out nucleic acid testing for all members of the region for three consecutive days. More than 130 nucleic acid sampling points and a total of nearly 500 sampling stations have been set up throughout the region. Nearly 1,000 medical personnel are fighting on the front line of testing. There are more than 10,000 volunteers and staff for registration and order maintenance.

Powerful, orderly, and loving. This is the message from the nucleic acid testing site for several days in a row—the organization is strong, the staff is arranged overnight, and the medical staff gathers quickly; the testing is orderly, volunteers guide and care, and the residents fully cooperate; There is love at the scene, and scenes of touching scenes are happening at the testing site… Whether it is medical staff, staff, volunteers and ordinary residents, the top and bottom of the Xiang Safety Zone are working together, shining and heating in their respective positions, and jointly build a solid epidemic situation. Controlled firewall.

Assemble the front line

Rush on the front line all night, prepare to leave in the morning and return at night to fight continuously

“I’ll check it again for the last time. The sampling table is fine; the air cooler is installed; the one-meter noodles, one, two, three, and four are all pasted…” At 2:00 a.m. on the 15th, at the joint meeting of community staff and volunteers With hard work, the layout of the nucleic acid testing site was completed, and Lin Hongkai, member of the Youmin Community Organization Committee, was a little relieved.

On the night of the 16th, at the nucleic acid testing site in Zhengban community, all members of the two committees of the community were on duty. Some set up the nucleic acid site and prepared reclining chairs and drinks for medical staff; some were busy checking supplies and arranging personnel for various positions.

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This is a portrayal of the busyness of many community workers in the Xiang Safety Zone – “no closing” in the middle of the night, they were busy going back and forth under the incandescent lamps set up at the inspection points, and they were fully prepared, just to use the best environment Welcome every resident who comes for nucleic acid testing.

“Count me in!” Cadres and workers from the departments directly under Xiang’an District and enterprises and institutions also quickly assembled and settled in the front line. “Wear a mask and keep a one-meter distance.” They were everywhere at the sampling site yesterday, assisting the community in all aspects of nucleic acid testing.

At five o’clock in the morning on the day of each nucleic acid test for all employees in the area, before dawn, Xiamen Fifth Hospital, Xiang’an District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, various town (street) health centers, Lotus Hospital, and Xiamen University Affiliated Cardiovascular Disease The medical staff of the hospital and Xiang’an Hospital affiliated to Xiamen University will all pack up on time and go to the front line of nucleic acid testing from the hospital. At around 5:40 a.m. that day, the report of “all staff in place” will be sent to the WeChat group.

On a hot summer day, under the protective suit were already soaked surgical gowns. Before they could go to the rest room, they would lean against the wall for a short period of time to “recharge energy”… After a busy day, when they returned to their respective hospital gates, It was dark again.

The most beautiful volunteer red

Spontaneous donation of loving materials and active participation in epidemic prevention and control

In addition to the staff, the volunteers formed another firewall of the nucleic acid detection point. On the 15th and yesterday, a total of 16,299 volunteers in Xiang Safety Zone participated in the epidemic prevention and control work. Among them, there are elderly people who have retired for many years and students who are still in the summer vacation. Volunteer services span occupations, ages, genders, regardless of whether they are wearing or not. Red vests, their love and figures are the most beautiful “volunteer red”.

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Father and son soldiers – Chen Qingkun and his son Chen Zhiqin, an old party member in Dongcheng Community, and Yu Changjing and his son Yu Genyuan, a 50-year party member in Xiwei Community, whether it is to guard the bayonet, control the order, or distribute materials, these two pairs Father and son soldiers are always on the front line. They all said: “This is the mission of the party members.”

Mother and daughter together – Zheng Yuzi, a village doctor in Tianzang community, and her daughter, Zheng Yingru, sat face to face on the two sampling platforms at the nucleic acid testing site, demonstrating their responsibility together.

There are more loving actions from residents, enterprises and surrounding businesses: Zhang Xiuting, a resident of Group 6 of Yangtang Community, donated heatstroke prevention materials and soda water and other beverages to the nucleic acid testing site on Jindeng Street; people in Zhaocuo Community sent home-made iced mung bean soup to the testing site , Xiancao tea, Shuijiancao tea; the 324 National Road Project Department of China Railway Third Bureau sent ten boxes of beverages to the Zenglin community sampling site; Lilong Group specially prepared a fog cannon for the Dongcheng community nucleic acid sampling site” Sending coolness”; more than 800 boxes of love drinks donated by 10 caring car companies in Xiang’an Auto City were sent to 135 nucleic acid testing points in the region…

【close up】

Take the initiative to invite Ying to the front line to race against time

280 medical staff from Xiang’an Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University participated in nucleic acid testing

Shao Chen is conducting nucleic acid sampling on the front line. (Photo courtesy of Xiamen University Xiang’an Hospital)

At 4:50 yesterday, Shao Chen and 279 other medical staff in the hospital set off for the front line of nucleic acid testing. Since the 13th of this month, Xiang’an Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University has dispatched a medical team of nearly 300 people every day to various nucleic acid testing points in Xindian, Maxiang, Jinhai and Min’an streets for sampling and other work.

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In fact, this time, 280 medical staff were dispatched, accounting for 45% of the medical staff in the hospital. Although the task is very heavy, everyone’s enthusiasm is still high. The directors and head nurses of all departments in the hospital are on the front line. Some directors are old and still take the initiative to ask for help; some have participated in multiple sampling work. .

As the vice president of the hospital, Shao Chen said that the task is heavy and the pressure is high, and he has to be on top, “I am also a doctor, and I can reduce the pressure on the front line as much as possible, so that they can have sufficient rest time. “Yesterday morning in Guyan community, after finishing a round of two-hour sampling work, and resting for a while, Shao Chen did a second round of sampling before rushing back to the hospital.

The state of continuous rotation is a true portrayal of the medical staff who participated in the sampling of the whole hospital in recent days. “Some medical staff go straight to the front line after working the night shift, while others work the night shift immediately after returning from the sampling day.” Chen Zhihao, deputy director of the hospital’s medical department, said that everyone is working hard to ensure nucleic acid sampling and hospital outpatient and ward work. For clinical work such as emergency surgery, “the hospital also tries its best to do a good job in staff allocation and logistical support in each department to ensure the health of medical staff.”

Nucleic acid testing will be carried out for all staff in the region today and tomorrow. “According to the work arrangement, we all have to go to the front line to participate in the sampling work.” A department director of the hospital said that it is a doctor’s duty to go to the front line of epidemic prevention, “We are doctors, this is our responsibility where.”

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