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Pan Zhanle: Hope to win the Paris Olympics-Sports-China Engineering Network

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World swimming champion Pan Zhanle visited a local primary school in Beijing yesterday as part of the “Chinese Sports Spirit Lecture Hall” campus lectures and “Champion Sports Class” athletes’ activities. The world-renowned athlete engaged with students, sharing his professional knowledge and inspiring the young minds with the spirit of Chinese sports.

During the visit, Pan Zhanle expressed his ambitions for the upcoming Paris Olympics, hoping to clinch the men’s 100-meter freestyle championship. The champion swimmer has been making significant strides in his career, winning gold medals at the Asian Games and World Championships, and breaking world records along the way.

As Pan Zhanle gears up for the Paris Olympics, he is focusing on improving his technical skills and aerobic endurance to achieve his goal. With the National Swimming Championships and Chinese Swimming Team Olympic Trials approaching, the athlete is determined to secure a spot in the prestigious event and excel in his main event and relay races.

Reflecting on his aspirations for the Paris Olympics, Pan Zhanle emphasized his desire to hear the Chinese national anthem playing in his honor and to support his teammates in achieving success. The dedicated athlete is putting in the hard work and dedication needed to make his dreams a reality on the world stage.

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