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Participating in the Asian Games test match, Guoan warms up for the Chinese Super League-Sports-中工网

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Original title: Participating in the Asian Games test match, Guoan warms up for the Chinese Super League

Beijing Daily News (Reporter Wang Yang) Tonight, the Beijing Guoan team will play a test match for the Hangzhou Asian Games with the “promoted” Nantong Zhiyun team of the Chinese Super League at the Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium. This game is also the last warm-up match for the Guoan team before the start of the new season of the Chinese Super League. Coach Stanley will send his main players to the field to test the recent training results and examine the competitive status of the new players.

It is understood that Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium will host some football matches during this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games. In order to test the venue and related hardware and software facilities, the organizer invited Guoan Team and Nantong Zhiyun Team to participate in this test match.

The Guoan team has been closed training at the Beijing Gaoxin Base recently, making the final sprint for the new season of the Chinese Super League that will start next weekend. Two days ago, the last new aid to join the team during the offseason, Cameroon international defender Ngadeu arrived in Beijing, and the Guoan team assembled the last piece of the puzzle for the new season’s main lineup. Stanley can also play the main force in this warm-up match and run the lineup through actual combat. On the 5th, the Guoan team arrived in Wenzhou and conducted training to adapt to the venue at the Olympic Sports Center Stadium yesterday.

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Judging from the recent training status, the Guoan team will focus on the 433 formation in the new season. De Sousa, Ademi, Yang Liyu and many other new players have the strength to compete for the starting position. As the young central defender Ruan Qilong was injured in the warm-up match against the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers last week, and the captain Yu Dabao was also injured, the Guoan team currently has a certain shortage of personnel in the central defender position. Fortunately, Engadeu has been playing games before coming to China, and his competitive state is good. It is expected that he will play in this warm-up match and accept Stanley’s close inspection.

Although the game was played in Wenzhou, Zhang Yuning was unable to play in his hometown. The forward of the Guoan team underwent shoulder surgery in Beijing Jishuitan Hospital in January this year, and then went to the Netherlands to recover. After returning to the team at the end of March, he is still in the recovery period and has not yet participated in confrontation training, so he cannot play tonight’s game.

This season, the Guoan team has relatively sufficient personnel reserves in the midfield and goalkeeper positions. Therefore, Cao Yongjing and Guo Quanbo have successively joined the Changchun Yatai team and the Meizhou Hakka team on loan. The Guoan club will also announce the first team for the new season in the near future. big list.

The Nantong Zhiyun team, the opponent of the Guoan team, has been a new force in Chinese football in recent years. They have achieved the feat of “reaching the championship in three years and surpassing in five years”. They are also a “promoted horse” that has attracted much attention in the new season. At present, the team has many powerful foreign players such as Lucas and Castillo, plus the veteran Wang Song and other Chinese Super League veterans, the team has a certain strength. Last week, the Nantong Zhiyun team played a warm-up match with the Shijiazhuang Kungfu team in the Chinese Premier League. The two teams finally shook hands 0-0.

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While the Guoan team is actively preparing for the game, the renovated and upgraded Workers Stadium is also actively preparing for the opening ceremony and opening game of the new season of the Chinese Super League. According to the reporter’s understanding, the Guoan Club and the Beijing Football Association have set up a preparatory team for the opening ceremony of the Chinese Super League. At that time, fans will see a simple but wonderful opening ceremony of the Chinese Super League.

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