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Pazza Da Rold Belluno: he gets two sets back together and then wins in the fifth

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A celebration of Da Rold Belluno

Still great emotions for Da Rold Belluno. Clearly ahead 2-0 to Garlasco, the comeback of the Lombards has arrived. But the party came to the tie break

The fate of Da Rold Logistics Belluno is decided once again in the fifth set. On the ninth day of the men’s A3 series championship, the team coached by Diego Poletto obtained a 3-2 victory at the 2001 Garlasco Volleyball court.

The Belluno’s evening starts very well, winning the first two sets with merit (25-21 the first, 25-18 the second). Then, as happened other times at the start of the season, the switch goes off, the opponent (in this case Garlasco, who also came from four consecutive games without points) grows and everything comes back into question. The Pavesi win third and fourth sets (25-22 and 25-17 respectively) and the verdict is once again postponed to the fifth. Belluno, at a disadvantage 8-6 at the change of field, reverses the inertia of the match once again and wins 15-13.

For Belluno it is the fourth consecutive victory. On Wednesday afternoon, at 4 pm, Da Rold will be on the field again, at the Spes Arena, in the midweek round against Grottazzolina.

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