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Peng Shuai Incident US State Department: Support Reporting Sexual Assault and Seek Accountability | Zhang Gaoli

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[Epoch Times November 24, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xia Yu comprehensive report) Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai reported the sexual assault of former CCP Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, which continues to attract international attention. On Tuesday (November 23), the US State Department stated that it will continue to monitor the matter closely and support anyone to report sexual assault and seek accountability.

On Tuesday, at a regular briefing by the State Council, a reporter asked how much the Peng Shuai incident occupied when the United States was considering whether to conduct a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. State Department spokesperson Ned Price replied that the US has already talked about Peng Shuai’s concerns, and the State Department will continue to pay close attention to this matter.

Price: The CCP silences outspoken people

“Obviously, there are (Peng Shuai) videos, and there are also statements from the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). But we continue to monitor this case very closely, not only for this matter, but also because of the broader principles in play.” He said.

Price explained that this is to support any individual to report sexual assault and seek accountability, know that the report will be investigated, and have the confidence that there is no need to worry about retaliation, intimidation, or harassment.

“It is particularly worrying to see this in the current state of the People’s Republic of China (CCP), because we know that the People’s Republic of China (CCP) has a record of zero tolerance for criticism and has a record of silenced people who dare to speak out. “Pryce said.

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Regarding the way the U.S. verified the Peng Shuai incident, Price said that usually we don’t talk about these methods or the information we might have.

Peng Shuai reported Zhang Gaoli’s sexual assault on Weibo on November 2 this year. The post was deleted more than 20 minutes after it came out. Subsequently, there was no news of Peng Shuai, and the outside world questioned that she was “disappeared”, which triggered concerns about her safety in the global tennis community and the international community.

The governments of the United Nations, the United States, Britain and France, the International Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), the World Professional Tennis Association (ATP) and the king Djokovic (Novak Djokovic), Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka have all spoken out and questioned “Peng Shuai Where”? Asked the Chinese authorities to explain and investigate the allegations made by her.

Last Sunday, WTA CEO Steve Simon, in response to the video of Peng Shuai released by the Chinese Communist Party and the news released by the International Olympic Committee, reiterated Simon’s call for an investigation into Peng Shuai’s allegations of sexual assault.

“This video alone is not enough. As I said from the beginning, I still worry about Peng Shuai’s health and safety, and worry that allegations of sexual assault are being censored and covered up. I know exactly what needs to happen, and our relationship with China is right. At a crossroads.” Simon said in a statement.

A WTA spokesperson said: “This video does not change our call, calling for a full, fair and transparent investigation of her allegations of sexual assault without censorship. This is the issue that aroused our initial concern.”

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Former U.S. Ambassador: The Peng Shuai incident will continue to be a kind of spotlight

Peng Shuai’s experience has also strengthened the international community’s increasing condemnation and concern for the CCP’s human rights violations and provocations. Beijing is preparing to host the Winter Olympics in February next year. Global human rights organizations and other organizations have called for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics, citing China’s human rights record.

In response to a reporter’s question on boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics at a briefing by the US State Department on Tuesday, Price said: “When it comes to the Olympics alone, there are many factors, including (the CCP) human rights violations, including what we have seen. And what we have seen in Xinjiang. We have always been very clear about what is happening in Xinjiang and what is happening. We have taken many actions in response to the ongoing genocide and other human rights violations in Xinjiang. Therefore, all of these will affect us in Decisions in the Olympics.”

He also said that the US has had in-depth discussions with almost all its allies and partners on the CCP’s human rights record, and has heard that almost all allies and partners have the same concerns.

However, Price did not disclose any more information about the progress of the boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, or any new news about the actions of allies.

On Monday, White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki told reporters: “Obviously, China’s human rights and (the Chinese Communist Party’s) human rights treatment are closely watched by us and the world is paying close attention to (problems).”

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Kelley Currie, former ambassador for women’s issues in the US State Department, praised the WTA on Tuesday for becoming the “most effective” human rights organization in the world.

“The tennis season is going on throughout the year,” Currie said. “As long as the players continue to express their concerns about her, this is still an issue of the WTA, and they continue to raise her (Peng Shuai) case, it (the Peng Shuai incident) will Continue to be a kind of spotlight.”

“This will be a problem before the (Beijing Winter) Olympics and the Australian Open, then the French Open and Wimbledon. Every time the tennis world does something and there are spectators, she (the Peng Shuai incident) will be there,” she said.

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