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Pioli:May it not be Ibrahimovic’s San Siro farewell tomorrow and don’t care if Inter Milan wins this round – yqqlm

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Original title: Pioli: I hope tomorrow is not Ibrahimovic’s San Siro farewell battle and does not care whether Inter Milan wins this round

Pioli: I hope it won’t be Ibrahimovic’s San Siro farewell tomorrow and I don’t care if Inter Milan wins this round

Live it, May 14th. At 0:00 am Beijing time on May 16th, AC Milan will play Atlanta at home. AC Milan coach Pioli attended the pre-match press conference.

Contrasted with Italy winning the Euros, the game against Verona was like the quarter-final against Belgium, the game against Atalanta was like the semi-final against Spain?

“Yeah, you can say that. But we’ve been playing this type of game at home and away since the Lazio game. Atalanta are the team with the most points away in Serie A after us and tomorrow we’ll be A showdown.”

How are you doing now? How is your mental state?

“Tomorrow’s packed San Siro stadium will only give us more energy and motivation, we all know how good and strong our fans are and they will support us very hard. And I see a very focused team Team, peace of mind. We will try to prepare in the best possible way for tomorrow’s game. We are only focused on this game and nothing else.”

Tomorrow’s game will be an exciting challenge

“Yes, that humiliating 5-0 taught us a lot, but I don’t think tomorrow’s game will end the period from that day to now. Tomorrow’s game is important, but what’s next There’s another game. We don’t have to change our mentality, we played really well in the first leg and beat Atalanta, but I think Gasperini will definitely change this game.”

Have you become more balanced mentally after the last few games?

“We have a good sense of the status quo, our journey started two years ago, and we’ve been through a lot of positive and negative times. So far, we’ve been doing well. Now we’re close to the end, so we have to fight for it. Walk the journey in the best possible way.”

How did you manage to completely focus on the game?

“We don’t think much further, and to finish this journey in the best possible way, we have to be highly focused and at peace of mind. What happens in the future depends on the outcome of the game, we have the strength to fight for a certain outcome and then What’s supposed to happen always happens.”

Did you say anything special in the locker room?

“It may seem strange to you, but I see our players are more focused than ever, and then everything else is no different than usual. The players have the same smiles on their faces and the same passion for their work. So there’s no need to give the players a motivational speech, we’re all pulling together and moving in the same direction.”

How are you feeling now? How do the players feel?

“I’m sure the players are as motivated and focused as I am. We’re going to get on the bus to the San Siro with a lot of drive and energy, because there’s a huge number of fans waiting for us there.”

Will this be Ibrahimovic’s farewell fight at the San Siro?

“No, I don’t think so. Honestly, I don’t know either, but I hope it’s not because Ibrahimovic is a very important part of our team, a champion. Not just tactically. A lot of respect and hopefully it won’t be his last dance at the San Siro. For his future, he’ll know how to choose, but for now he’s focused on tomorrow’s game.”

How is Rebic?

“He’s a very important player for us, with great technical ability, physicality and a great character. He’s had a lot of problems this season, but he’s in good shape right now.”

Do you remember the slogan at the San Siro during the 5-0 loss to Atalanta?

“The fans put up banners prominently during the warm-up, and then after the game started, the fans continued to cheer for us. I understand them, they haven’t forgotten that bad time, but they want to help us recover as soon as possible.”

Your away win over Atlanta this season was convincing, so a home win?

“It’s a difficult question to answer because we’re playing the same Atalanta at home and away. The world of football is weird, but that’s it. Who is more organized and who plays better quality in this game? The higher the intensity and the higher the intensity, the more hopeful of a win.”

Do you think Inter can win this weekend?

“I don’t know and I don’t care. I don’t think about what will happen to Inter, we just focus on ourselves and don’t need other external stimuli because we are already at our best.”

In 2020, when you renewed your contract with Milan after the game against Sassuolo, did you think that in 2 years you would be competing for the Serie A title in the last two rounds?

“I’m very happy, it’s all great. I have a lot of confidence in my players, they always show important qualities.”

Verona and Atalanta close in style

“Yes, but Atalanta change often and we have to change accordingly. They are a good team and to beat them we have to play well.”

In the past two years, is there a moment that you will never forget?

How is Tonali now?

“Over time, Tonali adapted to the team and developed new characteristics. I wouldn’t say it was because of changes in the tactical system, because we are always changing the tactical system. The ability to volley is innate, his legs are longer than average, and this has to be exploited both with and without the ball. He’s been in great shape this week, he’s had the same time as his teammates this week.”

Will tomorrow’s game help the future?

“Tomorrow will be a classic to reap what we’ve sown.”

Do you have any questions for us to ask you?

“Yes, but I will answer you again on May 22.”

How to lead such a young team to such a goal?

“Talent and self-motivation for hard work.”

Will it try to counter Atlanta by counterattacking?

“We have to be specific to the game, we have to understand every detail of the game carefully. We have to prepare before the game, we also have to respond during the game and try to play our own game.”

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