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PML MILAN 2023 The Real Challenge starts from the Street

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PML MILAN 2023 The Real Challenge starts from the Street

A new edition of the most important project ever carried out on Milanese playgrounds, a container of events that populates the city’s pitches and town halls every summer since 2018, comes to life today with the launch of PML Milano 2023.

Lots of news starting with Oakley, the new title sponsor of the event organized by Scuola Basket Sound ASD and sponsored by the Municipality of Milan.

So today begins a new phase of PML Milano, in which the principles underlying the project remain central: Community, Sustainability, Sense of Belonging to the Territory and Social Responsibility with the Street as a meeting point and Sport as a language that brings together, includes and aggregates, generating positive impacts for the benefit of citizens and leaving a legacy on the territory.

PML Milano by Oakley thus becomes a new opportunity to celebrate the link between sport and the city of Milan together with its community.

Saturday 10 June we start with the day dedicated to Minibasket simultaneously on 3 playgrounds spread across the city.

We will continue on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June with The League, the 3×3 basketball tournament for women’s, men’s and wheelchair basketball, held in 4 parks in the city of Milan.

The MINALS, the final event of PML Milano by Oakley 2023, will instead be staged on Thursday 29 June at the Arco della Pace, an iconic and fascinating location in the city.

“We are really excited to announce today the launch of PML Milano 2023 – comments Paolo Avantaggiato, president of Scuola Basket Sound ASD – a new phase of the project which from this year sees Oakley at our side, a brand that shares the values ​​and principles that they are the basis of PML. We started from Spazio Sammartini 31, in collaboration with ONElabMilano, and the partnership with PML Milano is the natural continuation…

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Today a new story begins, that of PML Milano by Oakley, full of surprises and innovations, but always extremely consistent with the objectives that we and the brand share: to work together, through Sport, the one with a capital S, to generate positive impacts on the territory and on the community”.

PML Milano by Oakley 2023, the Real Challenge starts from the Street.


First Phase

– from Wednesday 12 April to Friday 12 May

€32/team (3 to 5 players)

Second phase

– from Tuesday 16 May to Thursday 8 June

€40/team (3 to 5 players)

Each team can enroll from a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 5 players and select the playground of preference (however, the selection is not binding for organizational reasons).


Children and families in an entire day free and open to all, learning the fundamentals of mini-basket while having fun.

Simultaneously on the playgrounds of:

– via Lessona managed by the Quarto Oggiaro Vivibile association

– Oriana Fallaci Gardens (via Quadronno/via Crivelli)

– Alberto Moravia Gardens (via Berna)


The 3X3 basketball championship that will elect the strongest players from the Milanese playgrounds.

– 4 Division (North, South, East and West)

– 6 categories (U14, U16 and Senior men, Junior and Senior women, Wheelchair basketball)

– 4 Playgrounds (simultaneously)

– Spazio Sammartini 31 (North division) managed by the Sammartini 31 Parking Committee, upgraded by Oakley

– viale Argonne (Eastern division)

– Parco di Trenno (West division)

– via Tabacchi (South division)


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The final event of PML Milano by Oakley will take place on Thursday 29 June at the Arco della Pace, one of the most iconic and evocative areas of the city of Milan.


Combining street art forms with street sports contributes to the creation of a dynamic community linked to the territory.

The street is the meeting point of many stories that are collectively intertwined, creating social, generational and cultural ties.


Creating value for the benefit of the community through concrete actions aimed at protecting the territory and the environment, reinforcing the sense of belonging to the city.

Playgreen is the name of the project dedicated entirely to sustainability which in the 2023 edition of PML Milano by Oakley will focus on clean energy, sustainable mobility and separate waste collection.


One of the main objectives of PML is to find resources in synergy with partners to be allocated to the territory.

Connections, emotions, experiences, sense of belonging are some of the values ​​that PML wants to share with the different realities of the territory, with a view to the growth of a united and dynamic community.

After carrying out a survey on the availability of sports equipment present in the public primary schools of Milan, with the aim of improving the motor activity experience of children within the various schools, we will donate to the structures that have a the most critical situation a gift card worth €500 for the purchase of sports equipment.

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