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Pordenone disaster, another stop and another technical: Tedino arrives

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Ternana corsara in Lignano: the ever-changing black-green club changes again, recalling the coach most loved by the fans

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This time he did not take advantage of the break for the national teams, as he did with Paci after the second day. He gave him another two weeks, hoping he could instill the right mindset in the team and find solutions to re-emerge. But Rastelli did not succeed, he even challenged him by deploying a risky module. And Mauro Lovisa, immediately after the triple whistle of the lost challenge at Teghil with Ternana, announced his exemption, without hesitating in revealing the name of his successor: Bruno Tedino (however, still under contract with Entella, but it will not be difficult find an agreement), the coach most loved by the neroverde people, arrives at the helm of Pordenone for the third time, four years after the last.

The die has been cast, therefore, and a great challenge – to say the least – now awaits the Pordenone technician by adoption, who in the last two seasons in Serie C had literally transformed team and society, winning the playoffs twice and nearly jumping in B, as well as making the public fall in love thanks to a sparkling and proactive game, with a staff put together without crazy expenses. Now for him the hardest mission, to be able to find the soul of a team that on paper would have values, but has not yet managed to express them. Last place with only one point scored in eight games: there is a lot of work, but it certainly does not scare a “marpione” like Tedino, 57, a specialist in obtaining the maximum, and even more, from the resources he has available.

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All his experience will be needed, also to raise morale after yet another blow received yesterday in Lignano. A match, the one with Ternana, decided in fact in the first quarter of an hour, when the 3-5-2 (which in the non-possession phase became 5-3-2) with which Rastelli played all out, It fell apart. The president never made a secret of not loving certain modules, but the technician did his own thing, knowing that a mistake this time would cost him dearly.

After seven days of training behind closed doors, Rastelli has chosen 5 different players with respect to the defeat with Vicenza: outside Bassoli, Magnino, Petriccione and above all Folorunsho and Tsadjout, still on the Mensah bench despite the not too veiled suggestions of the same top manager, attack with Cambiaghi and Pellegrini, plus an attacking midfielder Pinato. However, the green lizards have suffered from the beginning the initiatives of the guests, excellently orchestrated by Palumbo, who from 10 ‘, within three minutes, invented two fatal goals for the hosts, freezing showers for the 800 fans who returned to the stadium. after the “strike” against the absence of an adequate structure in Pordenone. The playmaker at 10 ‘with a great launch triggered Furlan, who anticipated El Kaouakibi and headed Donnarumma in front of the goal for the easiest of touches. Then he made the unstoppable Partipilo run, who pocketed diagonally for Falletti, a low shot and Perisan still beaten.

Change of form with the entry of Falasco, but black-green game always too slow, predictable, marred by trivial errors. Recovery wholeheartedly, with also a sensational crossbar hit by Camporese, but a negative protagonist of the third goal from Terni, with a naively lost ball in midfield and Falletti’s lethal counterattack. Falasco’s free kick was late in order to imagine that the race would be re-taken. Now turn the page again. And on Sunday the first test will be the hardest, on the field of leaders Pisa, injured by the first defeat received yesterday in Crotone. –

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