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Race for the Top Three: Guoan, Taishan Clash in Focus Duel

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Race for the Top Three: Guoan, Taishan Clash in Focus Duel

Prospects for the Chinese Super League: The three towns of Guoan staged a focus duel with Taishan winning and hitting the top three
July 16th, 2023 – The 17th round of the 2023 Chinese Super League is about to start, and all eyes are on the highly anticipated matchup between the underdog teams Guoan and the three towns. Taishan, in particular, has a chance to secure a spot in the coveted top three of the league standings if they win their game against Nantong Zhiyun.

Nantong Zhiyun is currently sitting at 14th place in the standings and is fighting to avoid relegation. In the last round, they were held to a 1-1 draw against Dalianers, and they desperately need a win to ease the pressure. Despite a misjudgment in their last match which cost them three points, Nantong has found some solace in the form of their new addition, Putzlin, who scored his first goal for the team. The draw against Taishan in the first round gives them some psychological advantage going into this game.

On the other hand, Taishan has been on a winning streak since coach Cui Kangxi took charge, with 6 wins and 3 draws under their belt. Their physical fitness has been restored, and with the return of key players like Kressan, Liu Yang, and Wu Xinghan, Taishan is determined to secure a spot in the top three. A convincing 3-0 victory against Shanghai Shenhua in the last round has certainly boosted their confidence.

Meanwhile, Beijing Guoan, currently ranked 6th in the standings, suffered a setback in their last game against Meizhou Hakka. Their inconsistent form throughout the season has kept them from climbing higher in the rankings. However, the team can take solace in the fact that Wang Ziming has been in exceptional form, scoring consecutive goals and equaling his personal scoring record for a single season. With a strong home record, Guoan is determined to protect their turf and secure a victory.

The three towns of Wuhan, just one point behind Guoan in the standings, have faced their fair share of challenges. They lost 1-3 against Haigang in the last game, and key player Wei Shihao, who just returned from injury, received a red card and will miss the upcoming match against Guoan. Coupled with other injury concerns, the team will be playing with a depleted squad. However, the loan signing of former national player Duan Liuyu from Taishan might give them some hope.

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In another highly anticipated match, the Dalian natives will face off against Changchun Yatai in a Northeast Derby. The Dalian team, although still in the relegation zone, has shown resilience in their recent performances, staging comebacks and securing crucial draws. The first-round encounter between these two teams ended with a scoreline of 2-3 in favor of Yatai, but Dalian will be looking for a different result on their home turf.

Yatai’s performance in the last two rounds has been mediocre, and they will need to regroup if they want to secure a victory against Dalian. Despite being the team with the most goals in the Super League so far, they have also conceded a high number of goals, and if they do not remain focused, Dalian’s fighting spirit could lead to a surprise result.

In a battle at the bottom of the table, the struggling Shenzhen team will take on Shanghai Seaport. Shenzhen has suffered a 6-game losing streak and recently saw their coach resign. With ongoing wage arrears issues and no power to fight back, their chances of victory seem slim. On the other hand, Shanghai Seaport, led by Wu Lei, have a chance to secure a victory and continue their climb up the standings.

The Zhejiang team will face the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers in another crucial match. Zhejiang, who stopped a two-game losing streak in the last round, are led by their top scorer, Leonardo. The challenge for the team now is to find a way for both Leonardo and Mushekui to coexist and create a cohesive attacking force. The Jinmen Tigers, on the other hand, are still undefeated in the league but have dropped to fifth place after a draw in the last round. The injury to forward Barton might impact their offensive power, but the newly signed Bulgarian foreign aid, Vitano Fu, could provide a much-needed boost.

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Lastly, the Cangzhou Lions will take on Chengdu Rongcheng. Cangzhou has had an impressive run with 3 unbeaten games, rising to 10th place in the standings and alleviating the pressure of relegation. However, their defensive stability remains a concern. Chengdu Rongcheng, on the other hand, will be looking to secure a win and climb up the standings themselves.

As the 17th round of the Chinese Super League kicks off, fans are eagerly anticipating these exciting matches and the potential impact they will have on the league standings. From teams fighting for a top-three finish to those battling to avoid relegation, every match will be a showcase of determination, skill, and mental strength.

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