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Reds striker dominates the double ring to celebrate the hundred goals milestone, Salah dominates the table with two stats_match_Liverpool_assist

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Original Title: The Red Army’s Front Domination Double Rings Celebrates Hundred Goal Milestones, Salah Dominates the Chart

Sitting at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool swept the “hometown” Southampton 4-0 without a single soldier, and won three straight wins in the race. In this game, Liverpool was able to win so easily. If Tower takes the lead, he first started the game with a 97-second blitz to help the Reds get a fantastic start, and then quickly scored the second goal to help Liverpool establish a 2-0 lead, and let the game enter early. Garbage time. Of course, if Ruota had better luck, then he would have a chance to perform a hat-trick. He had at least two good opportunities to score after a score, but unfortunately he did not grasp it.

Premier League officials pointed out that if the game started 97 seconds after Robertson crossed to grab a point and scored, it was the fastest goal in the league this season. In this game, he scored twice, allowing him to tie with teammates Mane and Leicester City Vardy in the Premier League scorer list, tied for second place, only behind teammate Salah, and the Egyptian Pharaoh scored 11 goals. Lead the scorer list. So, now the Premier League goalscorer list has a big spectacle, Salah, Mane and Jota occupy the top three rankings. It should be pointed out that another Liverpool striker, Firmino, scored 4 goals, as many as Cristiano Ronaldo, and tied for ninth place. Liverpool’s four strikers are in the top ten in terms of goals scored, which is enough to show the super power of the Red Army’s striker; in fact, Liverpool scored 39 goals in 13 league matches and has won the Premier League. Chelsea, behind them, currently has 12 games. The league scored 30 goals.

It is worth mentioning that Jota has scored twice in this game and ushered in a hundred-goal milestone in his career. The second goal made Klopp usher in the 700th milestone in coaching Liverpool! Jota, now 24, made his debut at the Portuguese club Ferreira, where he made 47 appearances and scored 18 goals. Since then, Jota has made another 38 appearances for Porto and scored 9 goals. In the summer of 2017, Jota Tower joined the Wolves by renting first and buying later. Since then, he has played 131 times and scored 44 goals. Last summer, when he joined Liverpool, including this game, Ruota has played 46 times and scored 21 goals so far. Throughout his club career, Jota played 262 times and scored 92 goals; in addition, Jota played 22 times on behalf of Portugal and scored 8 goals. It took 284 games for Jota to complete the 100-goal milestone in his career.

Jota’s performance is eye-catching, with the help of his teammates, Salah who gave him an assist, after this game, completed the top scorer and assists list of the Premier League! Salah led the Premier League scorer list with 11 goals, and at the same time beat Manchester United midfielder Pogba and teammate Arnold with 8 assists to lead the Premier League assist list. Counting the 6 goals in the Champions League, Salah scored 17 goals and assists 8 times this season, participated in 25 goals, twice as much as any player in the Premier League! The assists sent in this game also allowed Salah to score 150 goals in his Premier League career, including 108 goals and 42 assists. A total of 171 games were spent. In the history of the Premier League, only two players made 150 goals. Faster than the Egyptian pharaohs, they are the history of the Premier League striker King Shearer (148 games) and Arsenal legend Henry (163 games).

In this game, Liverpool’s two full-backs, Arnold and Robertson, both sent assists. The former scored 1 goal and assisted 9 times in 14 games this season, participated in 10 goals, and became the second after Chelsea wingback Rees-James. Two defenders who participated in double-digit goals. Recently, Arnold has become addicted to assists. He represented England and Liverpool in four consecutive games with assists, and reached an astonishing 9 times! Statistics show that since his debut, Arnold has contributed 40 assists in the Premier League, becoming the third youngest player in this league to complete this data. The age is 23 years and 51 days. The previous two players were Fabregas (21 years old). 188 days) and Rooney (22 years old 200 days).Return to Sohu to see more


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