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Renzi: “With these lines I run alone in the center” – Politics

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Renzi: “With these lines I run alone in the center” – Politics

Rome, 31 July 2022 – The leader of Iv Matteo Renzi guest half an hour more on Rai3. “I’m not with Salvini and Meloni, and I’m not with Fratoianni and Di Maio. If these are the sides, of course I run alone in the center. After that, if in the center, as I hope, there will also be others starting with ActionCarlo Calenda he is thinking about it, we will respect him. I don’t see him in coalition with Fratoianni. To those who say that it is a vote given to a small party, I say that it is a vote to a party that will be decisive in the next legislature as in this one “.

“You call it a center, you call it third way or third pole. I believe there is moderate and reformist space that the Italians will vote on,” he continued.

“If Action, with Calenda, decides to stay in this part, it has a very important role”, said Matteo Renzi. “My ideal name that represents the idea of ​​a reformist center is Mario Draghi – he added -. I don’t think he will be willing to commit again, but I have a little dream. A few days ago there was Decennial of his ‘whatever it takes’, but the piece after the sentence was ‘believe me, it will be enough’ “.

“My goal as Italia Viva is exceed 5%“, Renzi said, recalling that” in this Parliament we had 3% of parliamentarians, if with 3% we managed to save Italy from Papeete, send Conte home and bring Draghi, imagine what we can do with 5 % “.

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