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Rome, Zaniolo is out of the technical project: news on the decision of the Friedkins

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Rome, Zaniolo is out of the technical project: news on the decision of the Friedkins

The player remains at Roma, but separated at home. In the summer he will be able to leave, but only if an offer arrives that shares Bournemouth’s rejected in this January transfer market (the yellow and red company also said no to a loan or exchange offer from Leeds). The management’s decision came at the end of a hectic day, with the player leaving for La Spezia after the threats he received last night


Zaniolo is out of the technical project of Rome. This is the decision of the property after becoming aware of the player in recent days he had refused to train and play. Since the first day of his arrival, the Friedkin family has always thought that being part of Roma is great privilege for a footballer.

These shortcomings they make sure that Zaniolo is out of the technical project and, in the next few days, gods will be taken disciplinary measures.

The position of the Friedkins

Once Bournemouth’s offer has faded, the chances of finding another buyer in the last hours of the January market are practically nil. It will leave in the summer, but only if an offer equal to the English one arrives: not less. Otherwise you will remain in Rome, outside the project. This is the position of the Friedkins, who are not available to negotiate on this aspect: Roma must have priority over everything.

Leeds failed attempt

Monday 30 January Leeds made an attempt to get to Zaniolo, taking advantage of the total gap between the parties (and taking advantage of the dialogue already opened with the Giallorossi club for the arrival of Diego Llorente). The English club proposed a loan or alternatively an exchangebut Roma refused, confirming that the player can leave only outright and that his price tag is valued at 27.5 million euros and 10% on future resale (the same figures offered by Bournemouth, a destination already rejected by Zaniolo).

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The reconstruction of the last 24 hours

The insults, the threats, the intervention of the police, the departure from Rome for La Spezia. Pretty much everything happened. About fifteen people showed up after midnight at the footballer’s house; Zaniolo would have received insults e threats, including death threats and, through the Roma team manager, he asked the intervention of the police who sent a patrol to check the situation, finding nothing abnormal. The player has not filed any complaints at the moment.

The departure for La Spezia: no training

After it happened, Zaniolo has made the decision to leave for La Spezia, his hometown where his former footballer father lives. Consequently, in mutual agreement with the club, he did not show up this morning in Trigoria for the resumption of training in view of the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup against Cremonese, scheduled for Wednesday evening.

On Instagram he is no longer a Roma player

L’player’s only ‘official’ reaction it came through social media. But without a post or a story, just with a gesture, or rather a description. The one that goes just below the name and that until a few hours ago was acting in his case: player of As Roma. Well, that appellation has disappeared and now Zaniolo appears only as a simple athlete.

The main page of Zaniolo’s Instagram profile, in whose description the Roma player has disappeared

The family’s reaction

She was very shaken up after what happened last night and of course she huddled around the boy. The Pope did not want to comment on what happened, they did it on social networks mamma (“To have originated all this hatred seems a little excessive to me”, he had written in an Instagram story that was later deleted) and the sister (“No words needed. Just so much pain for you”, the sentence on a collage of the insults that have appeared in the last few days at the player)

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