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Saturday 008 Premier League Brentford VS Wolves Saturday 016 Serie A Lecce VS Juventus_Match_League_Company

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Saturday 008 Premier League Brentford VS Wolves Saturday 016 Serie A Lecce VS Juventus_Match_League_Company

Original title: Saturday 008 Premier League Brentford VS Wolves Saturday 016 Serie A Lecce VS Juventus

Brentford is at the middle and lower level. Wolves have declined this season and have fallen into the relegation zone. Brentford is the team that still scores points at home. At present, 11 of the 14 points are scored at home, while the Wolves have scored at home. The defense declined in the season, with 1 draw and 5 losses away, and only scored 2 goals and conceded 10 goals.

Fundamentals, the home team has obvious advantages, the main win at 2.05 is low, the matchmaking depth is not enough, the difference between the 0.85vs and 1.01 discount is small, and now the main win at 2.15 is still on the rise. Just not optimistic.

The size of 2.5 balls is played at a high position, and it is meaningless to make small adjustments. It is still a weak big ball, 1-1, 0-1.

Burnley ranked first, with 8 wins, 8 draws and 1 loss. The winning rate is not high, mainly because there are too many draws, but it also shows that the team is difficult to lose, very stable, and has a balanced offensive and defensive ability. Although Reading got 25 points, they only got 6 points away from home. Obviously, the main strong and the weak are weak.

The position of the 1.51 home win is a reluctance to match the handicap of 1.00, Macau is 0.97vs 0.83, the compensation is deliberately lowered, the handicap is strong, and the handicap of 0.75 is not lowered as other companies weaken, which means that the main win is more optimistic. , but does not rule out a 1-goal win.

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2.75 goals in the middle and high range of compensation, most companies have also dropped 2.5 goals, there is a gap of 2-1 score, and there is also a chance of 3-1 victory.

Lottery recommendation: main win

Saturday 016 Serie A Lecce VS Juventus

Game time: 2022-10-30 00:00

As a newly-promoted team, Lecce is at the level of relegation. So far, there is only one win in the league. The ability is really poor. The only advantage is that the defense is not outrageous, and it is OK to lose 14 goals in 11 rounds. Juventus has suffered a serious decline this season and can no longer be regarded as a strong team. The Champions League has been eliminated in midweek. Fortunately, the league has improved slightly recently, and it is still capable of bullying weak teams.

1.63 guest wins with 0.99 high 0.75 goals, let the ball match weak, is not conducive to a big victory, the market outlook continues to increase guest wins, lower hemisphere low water, Macau 0.86vs1.00 is significantly deeper than other mainstream companies, 1 goal is small Victory can be big.

The size of the 2.25 ball greatly increases the payout, which is generally true. Although Lecce is weak, it concedes fewer goals, 0-1, 0-2.

Lottery recommendation: customer wins

Saturday 021 Benfica vs Chavez

Game time: 2022-10-30 01:00

Benfica topped the league table and successfully qualified for the Champions League. In the last round of the league, they defeated the bitter host Porto on the road and gained a bigger lead. Shavish is a newly-promoted team, and there is a huge gap between the strength and Benfica, and there is no comparison, although the performance is not bad.

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The main handicap was 2.00, and Macau dropped to a low of 0.78. It was suspected of running hot. It did not follow other companies to raise to handicap 2.25. Win 1 goal, the probability of Benfica winning the handicap at home is low.

The size of the 3.25 ball midline range, there is no clear tendency, it may be really stuck between 3-4 balls, 2-1, 3-1.

Sports betting recommendation: 2 goals to draw + 2 goals to lose

Saturday 025 Eredivisie Forward Eagles VSSBV Elite

Game time: 2022-10-30 03:00

Forward Eagle is at the middle and lower level of the league. It is not much different from last season. It has only 2 wins in 11 rounds, and its combat power is very average. The elite is a newly-promoted team. The current ranking is not bad. They defeated Alkmaar at home in the last round, but the defense is too bad. They lost 28 goals in 11 rounds.

The main handicap is 0.75 in the midline range. There is not much difference in the handicap data of various companies, and small adjustments are meaningless. The 1.67 main win is slightly higher than the theoretical midline of 1.65, and the handicap is 0.94vs0.86. support.

High 3.0 goals, although the compensation is high, because the home team is not in good condition, the big ball is still strong, we can believe that big, 3-1, 3-2.

Lottery recommendation: main winReturn to Sohu, see more

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