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Serie A-Laspadori lore Mario Rui to give Naples 1-0 Spezia_Champions League_Lazio_Liverpool

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Serie A-Laspadori lore Mario Rui to give Naples 1-0 Spezia_Champions League_Lazio_Liverpool

Original title: Serie A – Laspadori lore Mario Rui gave Naples 1-0 Spezia

Serie A – Laspadori lore Mario Rui to give Naples 1-0 Spezia

Live it, September 10th. At 21:00 on the evening of September 10th, Beijing time, in the sixth round of the Serie A, Naples played against Spezia at home. In the first half, Kvarac Helia’s shots repeatedly threatened. After halftime, Naples temporarily 0-0 Spezia. In the second half, Mario Rui almost gave a gift, Lozano repeatedly missed opportunities, and Laspadori made a lore. At the end of the game, Naples 1-0 Spezia.

Before this round of games, Naples ranked second in the standings with 3 wins, 2 draws and 11 points. In the last round of the league, they beat Clazio 2-1, and they beat Liverpool 4-1 at home in the Champions League group stage in midweek. . And Spezia ranked 14th with 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses with 5 points, and drew 2-2 with Bologna in the last round. The two sides won one victory each in their two meetings last season. In terms of lineup, many of Naples’ main players were rested, Ndombele started, Kvarac Helia came forward, Zelinski and Jin Minzai were on standby, and Osmeen was out due to injury.

The referee blew his whistle and the game officially started. In the 7th minute, Kvarac Helian cut a shot and was blocked. ↓

In the 11th minute, S-Bastoni took a long shot from the outside and kicked directly out of the sideline. In the 14th minute, Naples made a free-kick pass from the right, Kvarac Helia made a stick to the ground, and Dragworski quickly fell to the ground and saved the ball. ↓

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In the 23rd minute, Kvarac Helia swayed the defensive low shot in a row and was confiscated by Dragworski again. ↓

In the 25th minute, Elmas dribbled horizontally with a low shot and was hit by the defender. ↓

In the 29th minute, Spezia counterattacked, and Nzola’s shot was blocked by Juan Jesus. In the 34th minute, Kvarac Helia’s swaying volley was blocked from the bottom line. ↓

In the 40th minute, Jiaxi’s long-range shot was resolved by Meret flying. ↓

In the 45th minute, Jia Xifei shoveled Ndongbele and received the first yellow card of the game.

2 minutes of stoppage time at halftime. At the end of the first half, Naples temporarily 0-0 Spezia.

In the second half, we changed sides and fought again. In the 45th minute, Anguisa’s shovel shot in front of the goal was blocked by Dragworski’s legs. ↓

In the 50th minute, Naples tactical corner kick, Kvarac Helia volleyed the goal and did not send strength. In the 55th minute, Enzola stepped on a bicycle from a small angle and hit the defender to slow down, and Meret took it easily.

In the 60th minute, Naples took a long shot after an inverted triangle on the left, and Dragworski blocked the ball with both palms. ↓

In the 70th minute, Elmas was booked for a tactical foul. In the 71st minute, Mario Rui’s header was too weak, and the Spezia player stretched out a foot before Meret and almost sent the ball into the gate! ↓

In the 77th minute, Dragowski received a yellow card for delaying time. In the 85th minute, Naples formed a siege, and Lozano headed the goal from a small angle. ↓

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In the 86th minute, Naples corner kick kicked off, Dragwowski made a mistake, Lozano pushed and kicked in the face of the empty goal, and Naples missed the opportunity! ↓

In the 89th minute, Lozano made a low pass from the right, and Laspadori swept the goal! 1-0! Naples broke the deadlock at the last minute! ↓

5 minutes of stoppage time. In the 90th minute, Naples coach Spalletti protested the penalty and was sent to the stands by the referee with a red card.

At the end of the game, Naples 1-0 Spezia.

Lineup for both teams

Naples lineup: 1-Merret, 6-Mario-Rui, 5-Juan-Jesus, 13-Ramani, 22-Di Lorenzo, 91-Ndombele (45′ 68 -Lobotka), 99-Anguiza (57′ 20-Zelinski), 7-Elmas (74′ 70-Gaetano), 81-Laspadori, 21- Politano (57′ 11-Lozano), 77-Kvarac Helia (67′ 18-Simeone Jr.)

Naples substitutes did not play: 30-Siligu, 12-Malfera, 55-Stigard, 59-Sanoli, 3-Jin Minzai, 17-Olivera, 23-Zerbin

Spezia’s lineup: 69-Dragowski, 4-Ampadu (70′ 15-Christov), ​​14-Yakubu, 43-Nikolau, 2-Holm , 33-Agudro (81′ 7-Sarah), 6-Bolabia (70′ 28-Elertson), 20-S-Bastoni (62′ 24-Kovalenko), 13-Reika, 18-Enzola, 11-Jassy

Spezia has not played as a substitute: 40-Zovko, 1-Zoter, 29-Kaldala, 16-Julius-Baker, 31-Shell, 44-Strek, 89-Sanka

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