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Shanxi men’s basketball team defeated Beijing team 102 to 94 and won again during training – Xinhuanet

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Shanxi Men’s Basketball Team Secures Victory Against Beijing 102-94

In a thrilling matchup on April 2, the Shanxi Fenjiu Men’s Basketball Team emerged victorious against Beijing BAIC with a final score of 102-94. The game, which marked the 51st round of the CBA regular season, saw the Shanxi team deliver an impressive performance, especially in the last quarter.

Both teams had already secured a spot in the playoffs, leading to many main players being rested for this game. Shanxi’s star players Shweide and Ge Zhaobao opted to sit out, allowing other players to showcase their skills on the court.

The game kicked off with the Shanxi men’s basketball team focusing on their offensive strategy, with players like Boatright, Zhang Ning, and Chang Lin leading the charge. Despite a slow start with only 2 assists in the first quarter, the team picked up momentum as the game progressed.

As Beijing BAIC gained a 10-point lead thanks to their rebounding advantage, the Shanxi team staged a remarkable comeback in the final quarter. With a 12-1 offensive run, they ultimately sealed the victory.

“After this battle, the Shanxi Men’s Basketball Team and the Beijing BAIC Team both had a record of 26 wins and 25 losses,” said Shanxi men’s basketball coach Yang Xuezeng. “The players did a good job in today’s game and achieved what we had set out to do.”

With only one round left in the regular season, the final standings for both teams remain uncertain. The Shanxi Men’s Basketball Team will face Beijing Enterprises at home on April 6 in the 52nd round of the regular season, setting the stage for an exciting finale to the season.

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