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Shot putter Crouser improved his own world record in Los Angeles

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Shot putter Crouser improved his own world record in Los Angeles

The 30-year-old Crouser had a phenomenal streak in Los Angeles, breaking the June 2021 Eugene record with a fourth attempt. He overcame the twenty-three-meter mark three times in total and came close to it in other attempts as well. New Zealand’s Tom Walsh finished second in his season-best 22.12.

Crouser, who will be one of the stars of the Zlatá tretra meeting in Ostrava in a month, has already surpassed his record performance of 23.37 last year and this year in the hall. However, due to measurement errors and an irregular sector, the record was not recognized in any case.

As expected, the pole vaulter competition was won by world record holder Armand Duplantis. The 23-year-old Swede, who in February in Clermond-Ferrand improved his maximum to 622 cm, today in Los Angeles did not get over the six-meter mark and showed 591 cm. The second Sam Kendricks recorded the same performance, both failed to clear the bar at a height of 601 cm. Duplantis will also perform in Ostrava on June 27.

Athletic meeting of Continental Tour – Gold category in Los Angeles:
100 m (wind +1.0 m/s):
1. Blake (Jam.) 9,89
200 m (+0,7 m/s):
1. Laird (USA) 20,06
400 m:
1. Bailey (Jam.) 44,43
800 m:
1. Murphy (USA) 1:44,75
1500 m:
1. Cheruiyot (Keňa) 3:31,47
400 m before:
1. CJ Allen (USA) 47.91
1. Duplantis (Swed.) 591
1. Peters (Gren.) 83,16,
1. Crouser (USA) 23.56 – world record
100 m (+0,2 m/s):
1. Akinosun (USA) 10.97
200 m (+0,5 m/s):
1. Prandini (USA) 22.34
400 m:
1. Paulinová (Dom. Rep.) 48.98
800 m:
1. Wilson (USA) 1:59.01
1500 m:
1. Weltejiová (Et.) 3:57.84
110 m BC (-0.2 m/s):
1. Camachová-Quinnová (USA) 12.31
1. Sun Xiaomei (China) 55.67
1. Ewen (USA) 20.45
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