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Significant improvement in the regular season, Zhang Ning lost in the playoffs with a total of 7 points in two games and was taken by Sun Minghui – yqqlm

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Significant improvement in the regular season, Zhang Ning lost in the playoffs with a total of 7 points in two games and was taken by Sun Minghui – yqqlm

Original title: Significant progress in the regular season and lost in the playoffs Zhang Ning scored 7 points in two games and was taught by Sun Minghui

On April 12, Beijing time, the Zhejiang Guangsha men’s basketball team held the match point in an away game against the Shanxi Fenjiu Men’s Basketball Team. They won 111-96 and advanced to the quarterfinals 2-0. The Shanxi team stopped there. Zhang Ning, who performed poorly in the game, was still out of shape in this game. He only made 1 of 8 shots, scored only 3 points, and had 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals.

In the first round, the Guangsha men’s basketball team maintained the lead throughout the game and won a big victory 103-81. As an All-Star player of the Shanxi team, although Zhang Ning is full of fighting spirit, he feels cold. He only scored 4 points and 4 rebounds in 1 of 6 games. The sluggish performance of the Shanxi team in the first round made Shanxi fans very dissatisfied, and Zhang Ning also felt pressured.

In the middle of the first quarter, Zhang Ning replaced Zhang Chunjun. Although he played very hard, Zhang Ning’s touch was the same as in the previous game. He had no crosshairs and missed all his first four shots. The defensive end also suffered two fouls, and the only statistic was assisting Xing Zhiqiang to score.

In the second quarter, the Shanxi team, which was 14 points behind, showed the momentum of a last stand. Under the leadership of Simmons and Chang Lin, the Shanxi team fought back frantically. In the first round of the match, the Shanxi team fell behind in terms of rebounds. But in today’s game, there were many wonderful scenes of the Shanxi team scrambling for offensive rebounds. After Zhang Ning missed two shots again, he assisted Feld to score.

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Relying on the stable performance of Simmons and Chang Lin, the two teams tied at 52 in the first half. Zhang Ning hit all six shots and failed to score. Changing sides to fight again, Zhang Ning scored a mid-range shot. In the middle of the third quarter, Zhang Ning assisted Ge Zhaobao to score. In the first three quarters of today’s game, Zhang Ning’s help to the team’s offensive end was very limited, and he performed better on the defensive end. But when facing Sun Minghui, it is difficult to limit the performance of Sun Minghui, who has been in a hot state recently. Compared with the Guangsha team, the Shanxi team has a height disadvantage in the interior, striker, and exterior. The only way for the team to win is to maintain a high shooting rate.

In the final quarter, the Guangsha team gradually widened the point difference by virtue of their inside advantage and overall strength. Welzer once singled Zhang Ning, he seemed a little angry and insisted on single Zhang Ning, but the physical confrontation was not as good as Zhang Ning, who was a head shorter, he was squeezed outside the three-point line, and finally missed in a hasty shot. At the last moment, the situation of the Shanxi team was over, and Zhang Ning scored another point with a free throw.

Zhang Ning has grown into the main scorer of the Shanxi team this season, averaging 17 points, 5.3 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 1.5 steals per game, the highest score among local players in the team. In the total score of the season, Zhang Ning ranked third with 711 points. What Zhang Ning is most praised by fans is his never-extinguishing fighting spirit and the aura of not being afraid of strong opponents. He is a rare spiritual leader among the new generation of domestic players. As far as individual defensive ability is concerned, Zhang Ning is fierce in pressing and has excellent physical strength, but as a team with strong offense and weak defense, the Shanxi team often does not provide ideal assistance and replacements for other players. For Zhang Ning, the improvement in the regular season this season is very obvious, but the two consecutive sluggish performances in the playoffs will always remind him that he still needs to work hard to do better.

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