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Silvio Berlusconi, the memory of Veronica Baldaccini

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Silvio Berlusconi, the memory of Veronica Baldaccini

Il ‘gambler’ ante litteram perhaps it was Berlusconi himself, but with an extraordinary ability to be pure ‘resultist’: 29 trophies in 31 years, even if counting them is even an understatement because your Milan has long been the strongest team in the world, but forever one of the very few capable of changing the history of this sport. Here you are, divert the course of history it has always been his passion, and not only in the game.

Milan as his self-portrait

Milan also became an instrument of consensus, of course. But after. In the beginning for Berlusconi it was like an art opera: an allegorical representation of oneself, of one’s aspiration for magnificence and greatness, his self-portrait in movement. At least until the former knight was only an entrepreneur. “His him his broadcasting” they called him in the 80s, the golden ones of television, before renaming himself, years later, “Worker President”. But that was the Berlusconi of the descent into the field, in the field of politics.

The dreamocracy

In football, however, he has never been a worker president, he who arrived by helicopter to the sound of the “cavalcade of the Valkyries”, at the Milan Arena as well as at Milanello. If anything, architect of spectacular teams, capable of making 5 different players win the Golden Ball. He didn’t just cheer them on from the grandstand, no. Suggesting training was a temptation that he was rarely able to resist, until the end, even when his passion poured into Monza, with the usual rites, starting with baptism of the coaches in Arcore, and with the same unchanged ability to promise the moon and really bring it into stadiums. Whether the moon was Serie A for the small Monza or the Intercontinental Cup for the great Milan made no difference: the dreamcracy it was his doctrine in football, giving dreams to fans and often helping to make them come true. With money it will be said, certainly also with that, but not only that, having a vision, unhinging the category of the impossible, was his touch in everything. “Thank goodness Silvio is here” recited one of his most famous and divisive electoral slogans, but if his fellow citizens haven’t always thought so, the fans of his teams have. And now that Silvio is gone, he’s gone, all that remains is to remember and celebrate him with his favorite GAME: the FOOTBALL.

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