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Spain qualifies for the final 4 of the Nations despite losing against Italy

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Spain qualifies for the final 4 of the Nations despite losing against Italy

12/02/2023 Act. at 00:25 CET

The first defeat of the Montse Tomé era with the Spanish team came in a match in which Italy was better on the restart

The goals from Athenea and Esther were insufficient but despite the defeat, Spain qualifies for the four-way final thanks to Switzerland’s victory over Sweden

Everything happened in Pontevedra. Spain played wellse relaxed and he ended up paying dearly for it. Italy was surpassed in the first half hour but the transalpines resisted and They knew how to take advantage of their opportunity. Classification for the final four of the Nations League bittersweet.


Nations League (Jornada 5)





Cata Coll, Ona Batlle, Paredes (Ivana Andrés min.66), Aleixandri, Olga, Tere, Jenni, Aitana (Esther min.46), Athenea (Lucía García min.45), Mariona, Salma


Giuliani, Di Guglielmo (Salvai min.90), Lenzini, Linari, Boattin, Bergamaschi, Caruso, Giugliana (Galli min.70), Dragoni (Catena min.54), Cambiaghi (Piemonte min.90), Giacinti (Cantore min.54 )


1-0 Athenea min. 11; 1-1 Hyacinth min.45; 1-2 Cambiaghi min.56; 1-3 Linari min.64; 2-3 Esther min.75


Eleni Antoniu (Greece). Very protested performance with numerous errors. She admonished Ivana Andrés and Lucía


Pasarón Stadium (Potevedra) 9,000 spectators

The match started with a predictable script. The Spanish team, encouraged by the Pontevedra fans, came out very motivated and In the first part of the match he dominated at will to Italy. Mariona could have scored the first goal but his goal was disallowed for offside.

hopeful start

The goal had to come. And it arrived. And went somewhat precious. Athenea del Castilloin a personal move, managed to beat the Italian goalkeeper with a spectacular rider. The game looked like it could be a walk in the park but it wasn’t. The Italians resisted but They couldn’t get past the middle of the field.. The pressure of Montse Tomé’s team was very effective.

Half an hour into the game it was known Switzerland’s victory over Sweden that meant Spain’s direct qualification for the final four of the Nations League. The result of Spain-Italy was only ttranscendent for the Italians who needed the victory to continue in the League A of the Nations League.

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In the last quarter of an hour of the first half, Spain relaxed and Italy came up. They did not generate any chances, but the image of the visiting team changed radically.

Italian reaction

What happened at the beginning of the second half was hard to understand. Spain played one minute with one less player because, as Montse Tomé explained, AItana had not warned that she was unwell. Esther, his replacement, came in when Italy had already taken advantage Spanish confusion to tie the game. He gol of Hyacinths encouraged the Italians who They came back ten minutes later with a Cambiaghi header.

Everything was nerves and haste of the Spanish team that was offering its worst image since the defeat against Japan in the World Cup.

Italy was able to score the third with a goal from Linari after a corner. Spain’s defense was leaking.

Teresa warned with a shot to the crossbar y Esther shortened distances but Italy resisted and was able to defeat the world champion.

Spain will play the Nations League ‘final four’ but you cannot afford to offer the Dantesque image of the second halfd of the match against Italy.

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