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Stankovic, I spoke to Vlahovic as if he were my son – Football

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Stankovic, I spoke to Vlahovic as if he were my son – Football

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 12 – “Dusan (Vlahovic ed) is a great striker. It’s a bad moment. We talked to each other like a father to a son. He is my oldest son’s age. He mustn’t give up , he’s a top striker. In recent years, his careers fly by and he has to keep himself at the top level. He’ll find continuity, he’ll unlock himself.” Thus, from the microphones of Dazn, the Sampdoria coach Dejan Stankovic describes the scene that happened at the end of the match lost against Juventus, when he went to console Vlahovic who had kicked a penalty on the post.

Then some controversy on the progress of the match and the referee decisions. “What do you want me to tell you? You make the substitutions, manage the game as best you can and move on – he comments – I don’t know about the episodes. A strong elbow on Amione judged as a game clash. Handball, if they have it given the referees and the Var, I believe in it. I hope I’m wrong”.

Stankobvic is asked if he wants to review the episodes and he replies as follows: “It doesn’t change anything for me. If we show the game clash between Vlahovic and Turk twenty times, we can see the touch of the hand twenty times if there was any. It is clear arm. You can see how the bicep moves, I’ll stop here. Can I also see the elbow Amione received? But if a touch of the arm by Gabbiadini who fell caused me to cancel a goal at Empoli in the 96th minute… ” “Or I start from the position that I would have lost anyway – Stankovic says again -. We saw it on the tablet and went ahead. I trust the referee and the Var to see it. But ok. up to a certain point they accept each other but then I don’t want to look stupid”. (HANDLE).

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