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Stanley: If you win, you will be greatly encouraged. Zhang Yuning is hard to play the whole game at Mount Tai_Competition_Training_Jiang Xiangyou

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Original title: Stanley: Winning will give you a lot of motivation

Live Broadcast, April 28 News Today, Guoan coach Stanley and player Jiang Xiangyou attended the pre-match press conference against Taishan.

——Looking forward to the game

Jiang Xiangyou: First of all, this game is very important to us. From the head coach to the players, they are all preparing for the goal of winning.

Stanley: It must not be easy after the last loss. Fortunately, the last game will start soon, and the game will be played tomorrow. In other words, we will not have too much time to be disappointed, but should focus on how to play the next game well. Even if we lost the last game, we should see something positive in the last game and bring it to the next game. Our preparation time is relatively short, but the preparation is good.

——Cressan of the Taishan team will come back. Will Zhang Yuning be able to play the entire game due to his injury?

Stanley: Yes, the situation our two teams are facing is similar. Both are preparing for the second game in three or four days. I heard that Cressan is coming back, which is a disadvantage for us, but we will deal with it. We need to continue to be more careful about Yuning. After all, he is still in the recovery period, so we need to pay more attention. We’ll see after today’s training, so let’s see whether he will start or be a substitute after today’s training, but it is definitely difficult for him to play 90 minutes.

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——Before the last game, the coach said that the best way to adjust mentality is to win the game. After the last game, how do the players adjust their mentality now?

Stanley: The longer you can’t win, the more confident you will be. When self-confidence drops, the pressure will rise. We must find a way to remove the pressure on the players. I work with the players. There is no problem with our playing style and hard work. When the victory comes, we will be greatly encouraged. So, it’s up to us, as long as we win, the pressure goes down and the confidence goes up.

——Last season, he started a lot of games, but this season he was a substitute, and his performance was not very smooth. How can he adjust his state during training?

Jiang Xiangyou: First of all, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the main player or the substitute, but I hope that I can change the rhythm of the field after I go up. According to the requirements of the head coach, I still devote 100% to the training and contribute to the team at all times.

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