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Stop petrol and diesel cars, industry fears: 73 thousand seats at risk – Economy

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Stop petrol and diesel cars, industry fears: 73 thousand seats at risk – Economy

The road to the green transition is marked and the entire automotive industry is traveling in this direction. But if from 2035 only 100% zero-emission and therefore electric cars can be sold in Europe, the European automotive supply chain will lose, according to a study by Clepa, the European components association, and Pwc, half a million seats only in partly offset by the 226 thousand expected by 2040 for the production of electrical systems. And in Italy, a country with a supply chain mostly of small-medium exporting companies with a surplus of the trade balance of 5.5 billion but lagging behind in electricity compared to France and Germany, it will be worse. With the estimate, Fabrizia Vigo, head of institutional relations at Anfia, remembers 73 thousand places lost out of a total of 268 thousand compared to only 6 thousand new electricians. A technology that involves higher production costs but less manpower. Also because 70% (up to 70 billion in Europe) of the creation of value will be linked to the battery supply chain which sees, starting from the refining of metals, the excessive power of China. With the risk of a Beijing-dependent Europe also for electric mobility. The alarming figures of the impact of the European Fit For 55 package on employment were also denounced in the document signed in February by Federmeccanica and Fim, Fiom and Uilm. This does not mean that the sector, warns Stefano Franchi, CEO of Federmeccanica, opposes the ecological transition but it is essential when and how it can be reached. So, here is the appeal to the government, how the supply chain is encouraged not only on the demand side but above all on the supply side with investments in Research & Development and innovation of production processes. And therefore the future of factories specialized in “old” components from Pisa to Bari, from Ferrara and Pratola Serra to Chieti while a group like Stellantis is investing …

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