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Strong defense and Old Wild West mental toughness, so you can win

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In Scafati Antonutti and his teammates play the first match ball to go to the final. Warm environment with 500 fans from Campania. Deangeli: “Our strength is the group”


First match ball for the Apu Old Wild West. Today at 6 pm the bianconeri are on stage in Scafati to compete, with the wonderful opportunity to close the accounts at 3-0 and reach the final promotion.


Udine finds itself in the same situation as the quarter-finals with Trapani, with the difference that it has a stronger opponent in front of it.

We will have to suffer, because even the Campania region will be able to reopen the doors of the PalaMangano to 500 fans (presumably noisy) and will give everything and perhaps even more to try to prolong the series. The approach to the match will be very important, mindful of competing with Trapani, when the Apu started playing only on -21.


Old Wid West knows how to hurt Givova: an average of 90.5 points scored in the first two games of the series speak for themselves. Amato’s return adds danger from long distance, so much so that the bianconeri managed to make up for a bad evening for Mian. The key to the match, however, will be the defense that Boniciolli’s team will be able to oppose to the home team. Scafati, so far, has had little from the two Americans. Too bad to be true Gaines, too nervous Thomas.

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Being able to limit them even in competition would mean guaranteeing ourselves ample chances of success.


On the eve of the match, the spokesperson for the Udinese locker room is Lodovico Deangeli: «We are very happy to present ourselves at PalaMangano with the two victories won at home. Historically, the Scafati field is very difficult, we saw it during the clock phase when we suffered a defeat. We must take the field without taking anything for granted because it is still a very long series. Our strength is that we are a very solid group, on and off the pitch and the alternation of protagonists on the pitch from match to match is positive ».

Turnover chapter: Mobio started with the group but is destined for the grandstand, because Boniciolli will hardly change the set-up of a team that has so far responded in a great way.


Givova Scafati-Apu Old Wild West will be live streamed AT 6pm on the website of the Basketball League for Lnp Pass subscribers. Updates every quarter on the official Apu Udine social networks.

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