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Super Green Pass: Where it is needed and what changes in the car and on the means of transport

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From 6 December 2021 to 15 January 2022, unless extended, the Super Green Pass, also known as the Enhanced Green Pass, will be active. It will allow access to services and activities precluded from basic green certification also in some sectors of mobility. Here all the details

From December 6, the Super Green Pass debuts, the certification that certifies vaccination against Covid or recovery and that allows access to places and activities that are prohibited to those who are not covered by the vaccine. A bottleneck that narrows the field compared to the basic green certification introduced last summer, which can also be issued to those who perform a rapid or molecular antigenic swab and which until January 15, 2022 (except for extensions) will no longer be sufficient to access many activities and services. Does something change also for mobility?


Let’s start from the beginning: The basic Green Pass is issued to those who undergo a molecular (valid for 72 hours) or antigenic (valid for 48 hours) swab, with 72 hours of validity for the first and 48 for the second. The Super Green Pass, also called the reinforced Green Pass, is issued to people vaccinated or cured upon completion of the vaccination process or upon recovery for those who have contracted Covid. After the first dose, the basic Green Pass is issued, while after the second or subsequent doses, the Super Green Pass is available within two days according to the usual digital channels starting from December 15th and valid for 9 months. For those who have recovered from Covid, the new certification is issued within the following day with a validity of 6 months. It is not necessary to update the Green Passes that are already valid, the verification apps automatically take into account the upgrade.


The purpose of strengthening certification is to limit infections by excluding unvaccinated people from a range of activities. The basic Green Pass remains necessary to work, use company canteens, travel on means of transport (in the white or yellow zone), access gyms and swimming pools, ski, enter a museum and participate in fairs and conferences. The Super Green Pass, on the other hand, is required to access shows, sporting events, indoor dining, parties and discos, public ceremonies. These rules always apply in the yellow and orange zones, while the white zones only apply in the period between December 6th and January 15th.


The Super Green Pass also affects the mobility and transport sector, sectors in which the risk of contagion remains quite high. No limitations and no mask for relatives and people who have stable relationships, but if they travel in the vehicle not living together, they must be a maximum of three including the driver, two of them in the back seat and all with the mask. If only one passenger is traveling behind and if the car is equipped with a plexiglass separator such as taxis, the obligation to wear a mask is void. On the latter there is no obligation to show the super green pass.


Different speech for other types of transport, including public transport, which are also affected by the color of the geographical area. In the white or yellow areas, the basic Green Pass is enough to access long-distance means of transport (high-speed trains, intercity trains, airplanes, etc.), use the means of regional rail transport and local public transport such as subways. In the orange or red zone, movements outside the municipality of residence are only allowed to those with the super green pass, otherwise they will be admitted only for self-certified reasons of work, necessity, urgency.


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